Innovate With Purpose

We are a mission-driven technology company that delivers innovative and transformative solutions to government. Our missions inform our market focus, business strategy, investments, and culture. Cognosante is dedicated to supporting the health, safety, and well-being of Americans who serve the nation and providing assistance to those who need it most.

Our Purpose: Transform Lives with Mission-Driven Solutions

At Cognosante, we deliver mission-driven solutions across healthcare, civilian, and defense agencies to create meaningful change for the people they serve.

By understanding customer needs and applying our collaborative expertise, we create bridges between intentions and outcomes to realize program outcomes and performance.

Bringing Public Programs to Life:
We Innovate with Purpose

We believe innovative solutions start with innovative cultures. With origins as a technology solutions company and a belief that the best resolutions go beyond technology, we employ fresh eyes and diverse experts on every challenge. We fill in the gap between what’s worked in the past with what innovation is needed for the future.

Every project, every team, and every solution is driven by our commitment to customer missions and customer understanding, which is key to creating solutions. With that guiding principle, we ensure the process never overshadows the project’s needs, and operate with integrity and transparency to deliver solutions on time and with the right intent.

Whether we are modernizing systems, enabling greater access to public benefits, or delivering mission-critical programs, we innovate with purpose‚ÄĒtouching the lives of millions of people.

Cognosante Up Close

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