How Data Insights Empower Government Healthcare Agencies to Deliver Improved Citizen Services

A Conversation with Erick Peters, CTO, and Jackie Ackerman, VP Data and Analytics

Cross-agency collaboration is crucial to solving public health challenges. How can data insights empower government healthcare agencies deliver improved citizen services?

Single image with headshot of Jackie Ackerman on left and Erick Peters on the right. On Forum‚Äôs ‚ÄúKeeping IT Brief‚ÄĚ podcast, Erick Peters, Cognosante‚Äôs Chief Technology Officer, and Jackie Ackerman, Vice President, Data and Analytics, discuss how healthcare agencies and departments can make smarter decisions and deliver improved citizen services through data sharing powered by automation, AI, and data and analytics insights.

Listen to the podcast conversation in which Erick and Jackie take a deep dive into solving complex challenges through data insights:

  • How cloud, data, and AI can remove boundaries between public health agencies and departments‚ÄĒand other
  • How we lead with privacy, and security, and interoperability, and
  • How governance ensures data is reliable and accurate.

Learn more about Cognosante’s capabilities and solutions to solve complex problems.



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