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Data flows endlessly through an organizations’ systems, gathering speed and creating tides of information waiting to be navigated. Agencies must interpret and use data intelligently and quickly to best serve customers. Move the mission forward with agile, meaningful insight. Public agencies can improve understanding and operate with a data-driven mindset. Our data and integration solutions help customers make sense of data and increase “speed to insight” based on the stories data can tell. Our solutions help organizations move from reactive to proactive decision-making and achieve analytic maturity.

Our Services

The Cognosante Data Ecosystem (CDE) ™ is used to deliver full lifecycle data interoperability, analytics, and insights services.

Simplify and organize the systems environment.

We define, design, develop, and support interfaces that empower composite and enterprise systems that organizations require.

Cognosante develops modern microservices solutions, Data Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) solutions, SaaS services implementations, and more.

Our Systems Integration (SI) approach is linked to human centered design, enabling us to develop cohesive solutions across systems, interfaces, clouds, and data centers, bolstered by cybersecurity and privacy, and Zero Trust Architecture.

Smarter business decisions are informed by data. We analyze data to deliver insights which enable organizations to optimize behaviors that improve business outcomes and their stated objectives.

Cognosante leverages domain expertise, techniques and theories derived from mathematics, statistics, computer science, and information theory to extract meaningful information and insights from structured and unstructured data. Various techniques ranging from machine learning to advanced computational algorithms are used.

Our Data Science expertise spans healthcare clinical data, healthcare claims data, social determinants data, customer experience insights, cloud performance optimization, and cybersecurity predictive insights.

Trends and patterns can be identified through data and analytics. Our reporting, dashboards, and other actionable insights delivered through the Cognosante Data Ecosystem™ create an actionable, holistic view for our customers and their end users.

We inspect, clean, curate, enrich, transform, and model data to discover useful information, draw conclusions, and support decision-making. Leveraging military intelligence techniques, we apply innovative thinking to traditional statistical techniques and tools such as Microsoft Excel, SQL, Snowflake, Data Bricks, Tableau, and/or Power BI, producing actionable information and “speed to insight”.

Meeting organizational objectives can be enhanced through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We help customers uncover insights and inferences using these cutting-edge technologies.

Our AI/ML experts work with large volumes of structured and unstructured data to build models and seek inferences in structured and unstructured data. Through Natural Language Processing and our approach to Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), an organization’s toil-based activities are discovered, so administrative burdens and full life cycle delivery costs of technology solutions can be reduced.

Our Work in Action


White Paper:
Data Management within the Data Ecosystem

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Case Story:
Ensuring Program Integrity of State Health Insurance Exchanges and Expanding Healthcare Coverage Options for Consumers

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