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A secure cloud environment improves mission continuity, modernizes IT services delivery, reduces costs, and enhances a security posture through consolidation. We strategize, develop, migrate, manage, and optimize cloud services across government agencies using our strategic Cognosante Cloud Foundations™ framework.

We’re helping government organizations succeed in their digital transformations with secure cloud.

Digital Modernization and Creating a Culture of Cloud Optimization

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has prioritized digital modernization to better serve its Veteran beneficiaries. As a trusted advisor and team member of VA’s Cloud Operations and Migration Services (COMS) program, Cognosante is helping the COMS team develop and deploy cloud applications across the agency, which is critical to VA’s modernization and transformation effort. To date, the COMS team successfully met and surpassed VA’s first objective of migrating 350 production applications into the Veterans Affairs Enterprise Cloud (VAEC) by 2024, five months in advance of its deadline. 

VA’s shift from an on-premises preference to a “Cloud Smart” approach is enabling the agency to move away from the financial and operational costs of onsite environments—and create a culture of cloud optimization that leads with data security. That means VA can better serve their customers, the Nation’s Veterans.

Cognosante Cloud Foundations ™ Framework tenets applied: Govern, Migrate, Develop, Operate, Evolve, Secure

Ensuring IT infrastructure Security and Achieving Cost Savings

A Federal Civilian agency with a mission to secure the nation required a unique, secure IT infrastructure solution suited to its mission needs, and to its overarching agency. With our cloud solution, which includes a focus on strategy, migration, development (DevSecOps), operations, and optimization, they’re now able to migrate platforms from on-premise or contractor-hosted facilities to a cloud platform to meet changes to their missions or IT environments. This innovation is saving the agency money and enabling them to operate more efficiently. As a result, the agency now has the tools, applications, and services needed to best anticipate, adapt, and respond to emerging threats. 

Cognosante Cloud Foundations ™ Framework tenets applied: Govern, Migrate, Develop, Operate, Evolve, Secure

Replacing Outdated Processes and Improving Efficiencies and Service at Scale

The U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) aims to provide eligible Veterans the care they need at the right time, from the right provider in the right place. Referring Veterans to community care through the Community Care Referral and Authorization (CCRA) process was a time-consuming task for VA staff. It involved manual data gathering processes and information gaps that affected follow-up treatment. To assist VA with these challenges, we leveraged a cloud solution that included strategy, development (DevSecOps), optimization, and operations support. The turnkey solution we created streamlined the referral process and gives community providers and VA staff access to information through a single interface. Most importantly, the solution reduced Veterans’ appointment wait times in the community from more than one month to under a week and streamlined care coordination. 

Cognosante Cloud Foundations ™ Framework tenets applied: Govern, Migrate, Develop, Operate, Evolve, Secure

Securing Sensitive Data and Systems in the Cloud

Government organizations require a holistic cloud strategy to promote innovation, manage security risks, and focus their business on what citizens and other stakeholders value most. 

We design and deploy secure cloud solutions based on a detailed understanding of system capabilities, functional and technical requirements, and data and system sensitivity. 

But cloud is not just about technology—it’s about advancing an organization forward through a cloud strategy that considers business needs and culture. Our cloud experts ensure technology balances well with people and processes not just today, but into the future. 

Cognosante Cloud Foundations ™ Framework tenets applied: Govern, Migrate, Develop, Operate, Evolve, Secure

Learn About the Cognosante Cloud Foundations™ Framework

Cognosante’s cloud offering provides a low-risk, strategic, technically advanced foundation to maximize our customers’ cloud investments and strategic goals, affording them maximum partnership value from cloud. With our solution, government agencies can focus their efforts, resources, expertise, and dollars on value added capabilities and offerings built on a secure cloud foundation than can evolve as operations require.
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