Customer Experience

People seeking public services expect the same customer care and personal attention they receive from consumer-based brands. Ultimately, customer-focused organizations benefit from the intersection of design and end-users’ perspectives, such as better use of resources and responsive service delivery.

Move the mission forward by delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Great customer experiences create a connection between people, processes, and innovation. We deliver tailored, technology-forward solutions to empower deeper, more meaningful connections with the people we serve.

A people-first north star guides our customer experience solutions as well as a user-centered design approach. Our solutions are all built using Human Centered Design, optimizing the user experience, minimizing risk, and maximizing the value of investments.

Our Services

The human, end-user experience is at the core of our solutions, supporting our customers’ customers directly.

Organizations that deliver public services need solutions that put people at the center.

We build solutions with user-centric engagement principles to ensure human factors are prioritized and measured in modernization and implementation efforts.

Our JUVO™ (“to delight”) process is iterative and deeply explores stakeholders’ actual and potential experiences.

Through JUVO™, we assess proposed approaches and/or changes and likely results, vet concepts for feasibility and usability, and test early and often with key stakeholders to create solutions that meet objectives while also delighting users through intuitiveness, efficiency, and simplicity.

Technology can help empower deeper, more meaningful connections and experiences.

We use workflow and low code/no code platforms to modernize and continually improve Customer Experience (CX) across solutions, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), contact center, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Business Process Reengineering (BPR), managed services, and IT operations.

Public services’ end-users require robust user experiences.

We deliver user-facing mobile and web applications for government, including 24x7x365 support services. These include contact center, outreach, support, access to services, application adoption, and overall change management.

  • Deliver Accessibility — Comply with Section 508 requirements and exceed user experience to empower all users.
  • Enhance Transparency — Leverage dashboards and communications management to ensure transparency for users.
  • Focus on Security — Adopt security as the core of all solutions developed, delivered, maintained, and enhanced.
  • Train and Deliver Knowledge — Reduce friction and maximize adoption through comprehensive training resources and support for users.
  • Be Service-Minded — Focus on end-user service and support from inception through development.
  • Gain Insights through Analytics — Use analytics tools to understand user behavior, preferences, and areas of friction.

Our Work in Action


Case Story:
Supporting Veterans’ Health: Community Care and Referral Authorization Program (CCR&A)


Our Approach:
JUVOTM Human Centered Design

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