eSante® Solutions Platform

The capabilities we develop empower us to deliver better solutions faster. Each capability delivers tailored functionality to solve specific challenges we see in supporting our current and potential customers and partners.
Our platform approach ensures a cohesive suite of capabilities empowering enterprise solution delivery within complex and evolving ecosystems, and enabling critical interoperability requirements such as single sign-on, API integrations, serverless architecture, and scalable cloud technologies. eSante® is as much a methodology as it is a technology platform, focusing our solutions on integrated but modular solution delivery in an ever-changing health, human services, and security landscape.

Interoperability Accelerators

Innovative applications that accelerate the adoption, utilization, and efficacy of health information exchanges

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Technologies

Leveraging cloud-enabled artificial intelligence and machine learning models to provide scale and efficiency to decision-making, governance, and solution delivery

Engagement Solutions

BPO and CRM technologies that empower the beneficiaries and recipients of critical services

Support Services

Cognosante is ISO 20000 certified for our enterprise support services. We provide automated, self-service, case management, and other multichannel engagement capabilities for our technology customers, their customers, and all end users. Our support services are available 24/7/365 and leverage FedRAMP Moderate and High hosting to accommodate all levels of data protection and privacy.


Mobility is a primary consideration for our entire suite of solutions and technologies, including responsive design, mobile user experience, secure mobile access, and touch device capabilities. Examples include modern React Native responsive user interface, mobile device management, digital touch signatures, and mobile location tracking.

Machine Learning

Our solutions leverage the power of the cloud and advanced capabilities made available through artificial intelligence (AI). Our approach is to continually advance automations for scale, efficiency, accuracy, andcost reductions. We apply machine learning as a complement to AI, continually improving our services through the application of continually improving models.


Compliance comprises our focus on government and industry data privacy and security regulations for protecting our customers’ data andinformation. Cognosante® is HITRUST - certified, and the eSante® Platform meets or exceeds all HIPAA and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program requirements for secure solution delivery.

Artificial Intelligence

Our solutions leverage the power of the cloud and advanced capabilities made available through artificial intelligence (AI). Our approach is to continually advance automations for scale, efficiency, accuracy, and cost reductions. We apply machine learning as a complement to AI, continually improving our services through the application of continually improving models.

DevOps / RunOps

DevOps/RunOps delivery strengthens our approach to deliver agile automation, advanced communication, continual build, continual integration, and rapid deployment. We augment DevOps with RunOps,delivering operational and managed solutions in highly secure and available cloud environments. As healthcare continues to change, our customers must be more agile, and we must deliver quality results with predictable speed and efficiency.


Cognosante uses Agile and scaled Agile (SAFe®) to deliver capabilities with improved accuracy, more-rapid releases, and a focus on functionality. Our commitment to Agile is also highly tailored by customer, ensuring that our Agile is efficient and flexible based on your needs. Our methods of applying the Agile framework have been independently validated as CMMI Maturity Level 3.


Security is foundational to the eSante® Platform. From HIPAA compliance to Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program hosting, our platform uses a standardized approach that exceeds basic requirements for privacy and control of protected health information and personally identifiable information.


Integration and API services are at the core of the eSante® Platform operates as part of a larger ecosystem of solutions. Examples include enGage360® integration with legacy green-screen state eligibility applications; Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise profile integration with hospital systems for clinical data, Security Assertion Markup Language, and OpenID single sign-on; and third-party integrations such as LexisNexis for identity proofing.

  • Insights
  • Inform
  • teleSante
  • Clarity
  • Exchange
  • Provider
  • Empower
  • Identity
  • enGage360
  • ArbItrate
  • Aware

eSante Insights

eSante Insights delivers advanced data visualization and analytics for decision support. Clinical, financial, and demographic healthcare data are presented to empower decision makers with insight and real-time actionable information.

eSante Inform

eSante Inform offers real-time patient information to providers and care delivery organizations for admissions, discharges, or transfers in a care delivery setting. This entry-level health interoperability service streamlines communications and informs coordinated care providers of updates via an alert system.


teleSante is a mobile telehealth and telemonitoring solution, integrated with care coordination and health information exchanges. teleSante delivers remote engagement for patients to include:
and other remote communications for patients or health information exchange participants.

eSante Clarity

eSante Clarity provides physicians with aggregated patient information (clinical and claims) at the point of care and as part of eSante® interoperability accelerators. Clarity is built using the most modern health interoperability standards, entirely based on HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. As healthcare data volume and complexity increase, we provide clarity on what is relevant for care providers.

eSante Exchange

eSante Exchange is our health interoperability platform and connects a delivery network, state, or region through a federated health data environment. Exchange offers a foundation for data integration, data aggregation, consent management, composite health records, data correlation, and data security.

eSante Provider

eSante Provider is a SaaS solution empowering provider engagement, enrollment, and screening. Offering end-to-end automation, Provider helps Medicaid agencies and HIEs comply with Federal regulations regarding managed care, program integrity, and modularity.

eSante Empower

eSante Empower is a consumer-focused healthcare case management solution that tailors traditional CRM for health systems and healthcare consumers through advanced case handling, improved case handling times, and increased consumer satisfaction. We empower consumers and support personnel through a holistic approach that offers comprehensive views into various systems, services, and solutions. Empower is supported by Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce platforms.

eSante Identity

eSante Identity powers our core security offerings and is integrated across the entire eSante® Platform. Single sign-on is provided to enable seamless interaction across our platform through modern security standards like Security Assertion Markup Language and OpenID. Identity also interoperates in customer environments with third-party identity providers, such as electronic health record systems.

eSante enGage360 Enrollment Broker

eSante enGage360 Enrollment Broker is a consumer-focused healthcare member management solution that tailors traditional CRM for health plan selection and management. We integrate configurable rules-driven functionality to effectively meet individual customer requirements without costly system changes. Our solution promotes omnichannel access to information and decision support to drive active engagement in plan selection and case management.

eSante ArbItrate

eSante ArbItrate is a fusion of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and human judgment. We empower those in an arbitration and adjudication workflow to ensure machine learning compliance with the nuances of judgment-based decision-making, while ensuring that the ML models continually improve. ArbItrate is the product that brings our subject matter expertise to the forefront of making AI and ML better.

eSante Aware

eSante Aware is an artificial intelligence and machine learning tool that enables remote monitoring of support agents’ behaviors, in order to protect customer data. Machine learning algorithms and models are used to identify undesirable or anomalous behaviors, alerting supervisors to take immediate action. Aware helps managers, quality, and governance leads ensure that support agents are in compliance with privacy and security best practices.
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