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Each organization’s digital modernization journey is unique and can be both daunting and illuminating. The destination may be clear, but the path often includes curves along the way—all while the mission never stops.

Move the mission forward with modernized infrastructure and cutting-edge integrations.

Public agencies need technology solutions that are functional, scalable, and secure. We deliver modernized infrastructure solutions through Cloud Smart strategies, DevSecOps, and best practices in IT service management that optimize program performance and maximize the value of IT investments.

Our custom approaches are validated through a wide range of industry certifications, demonstrating high standards, deep technical expertise, and a systematic approach to quality delivery.

Our Services

Cognosante guides public sector customers through tailored technology implementations that move digital modernization strategy and execution forward through mature execution, comprehensive progress measurement, and partnership transparency.

Benefit from strategically delivered cloud leveraging our Cognosante Cloud Foundations™ (CCF), a comprehensive framework that maximizes efficacy while optimizing costs. Using this proven methodology ensures government organizations succeed in their digital transformations to the cloud.

CCF ensures maturity and reliability, balanced with innovation and modernization. The framework includes six critical domains to deliver on the promise of Cloud Smart while adhering to the core tenets, deployment models, and service models prescribed by NIST Special Publication 800-145:

  • Cloud Govern — Develop hybrid and multi cloud strategies to include tools, methodologies, processes, reports, and key milestones.
  • Cloud Operate — Operate critical and secure cloud workloads across cloud and data center operational requirements, while supporting Migrate, Develop, and Evolve.
  • Cloud Migrate — Identify, assess, plan, migrate, operate, and enhance legacy workloads for modern cloud.
  • Cloud Evolve — Refactor, supplement, and enhance legacy workloads with modern cloud capabilities.
  • Cloud Develop — Develop new solutions using the most effective, modern, and lowest operational cost cloud capabilities.
  • Cloud Secure – Leverage broad NIST, FedRamp, security architecture, and ISO 20000 certified approach to information and cyber security. 

Cognosante’s DevSecOps solutions facilitate adoption and acceleration of best practices to maximize performance and improve ROI.

Cognosante’s Software Factory™ approach ensures consistent, mature, repeatable, and measurable approaches to solution development. Cognosante Software Factory™ (CSF) Core Tenets:
  • Increase Collaboration — Engage stakeholders and product owners early to maintain the voice of the customer throughout the design and development process.
  • Exploit Feedback Loops — Validate customer requirements and solutions to increase agility and effectiveness.
  • Continual Experimentation — Encourage innovation through proof-of-concept and pilot projects using small but important requirements.
  • Automate Wherever Possible — Automate repeatable tasks such as provisioning, software builds, testing, monitoring, and deployments.
  • Manage Complexity — Make dependencies explicit and separate concerns to facilitate impact analysis.
  • Reduce Costs — Achieve resource efficiencies through automation and tight feedback loops. Facilitate frequent test and build activities to catch problems early.
  • Release for Multiple Targets — Leverage automation to build simultaneously for multiple targets, such as disparate platforms and infrastructure.
  • Increase Pipeline Velocity — Deliver products and services faster through continuous integration, testing, deployment, monitoring, and security.
  • Improve Customer Experience — Test and validate user stories to maximize customer experience.
  • Efficient Cloud Consumption — Support evolution to cloud service usage and accelerate modernization with cloud-native capabilities.
  • Quick Application Release — Nimbly respond to new or changed requirements, meeting emerging capability needs sooner.
  • Optimize System Performance — Foster transparency so customers can see the big picture.

Cognosante helps organizations think holistically about digital. We apply digital modernization strategies including identification, prioritization, planning, execution, and overall digital transformation measurement.

Government investments are optimized with our comprehensive approach to updating and modernizing technology solutions and business processes.

Digital Strategy Core Tenets:
  • Agile and Iterative Development – Deliver measurable value faster.
  • User-Centric Design – Put people first.
  • Cloud Optimization and Cloud Smart – Get the most out of a cloud investment.
  • Surface Salient Data – Empower decision-makers to make data-driven decisions.
  • Security and Privacy – Protect critical assets and data.
  • Continuous Learning and Skills Development – Empower customers to take control of their digital future.
  • Open Standards and Interoperability – Minimize vendor lock-in wherever possible.
  • Scalability and Resilience – Ensure flexible delivery on service and operational level agreements (SLAs).
  • Purposeful Innovation – Ensure a culture of meaningful and intentional innovation.
IT operational excellence is achievable. Cognosante applies the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL v4) framework while delivering ISO 20000 certified IT maturity throughout the entire lifecycle from strategy to deprecation, in order to:
  • Evolve IT infrastructure unique to the organization’s needs.
  • Support operation and management of legacy systems, and systems under development, based on digital modernization needs.
  • Help customers achieve their IT maturity goals through tailored ITSM practices.

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