Modern Software Factory

DevSecOps powered by automation and cloud-based technology means scalable, cost-effective solutions that achieve the mission. We help customers grow by leveraging optimized open-source tools modeled after the most mature commercial and Federal government platforms, such as the Air Force’s Platform One. Our solution meets the most stringent Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) criteria for a cloud-native DevSecOps platform that serves expanding modernization needs across programs.

Organizations realize substantial benefits through our Modern Software Factory solutions, including:

  • Cost reduction through cloud hosting
  • Enhanced security posture through a trusted software supply chain
  • Increased scalability with improved availability
  • Improved testing accuracy and outcomes using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to minimize configuration drift
  • Reduction in toil through automation

Cognosante’s Modern Software Factory Keeps Pace with Evolving DevSecOps Needs

Serving health, defense, and civilian sectors, our refined and tailored agile approach means more adaptable solutions with secure technology, process automation, end-to-end monitoring, and AIOps. As agile development continues to drive mission-critical projects, we deliver secure, high-quality software in weeks versus months. Our modern software’s integrated set of tools, templates and playbooks accelerates DevSecOps maturity for organizations wanting to modernize legacy systems while maintaining quality and security.

Our certified DevSecOps and Integration experts enable our focus on functionality, data governance, synchronization, embedded security, increased quality and velocity of delivery, and synergy creation between various stakeholder groups to help organizations achieve program success.

The Modern Software Factory’s Keys to Success

Through visibility, flexibility, collaboration, control, and security we customize solutions that combine the right strategic partners, technology vendors and domain experts to ensure your DevSecOps goals are fully integrated and optimized.

With Cybersecurity as the DevSecOps foundation, we continuously meet the increasing need for speed while ensuring durability-through-security. Software built inside our Software Factory is checked for hostile behavior, protected from malicious actors at runtime, and adheres to desired controls. Privacy is validated by ensuring data is always protected in all its forms.

‚ÄúBy leveraging our strong partnerships with Open Source platform vendors into our various cloud-based solutions, our Software Factory is the key to mature DevSecOps and software development.‚ÄĚ

Mark Rahnama
Vice President, Solutions Engineering

Our Work in Action

Features of our approach were developed and refined through the programs we deliver for Federal civilian and defense agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We operate fully functioning and accredited software factories for VA on their Community Care Referral and Authorization (CCRA) program. Being able to release faster, and more often, has allowed the CCRA program to respond faster to the needs of their customer, Veterans. Given the current changing healthcare landscape, these modern software elements allowed us to develop a referral and authorization system that continues to grow and evolve as Veteran patient needs evolve. The system has generated more than 22 million referrals for Veterans to receive healthcare in their communities.

Modern Software Factory features present in our CCRA program solution include:

  • Containerization
  • Automation
  • Suite of fully automated, agency-approved tools
  • High-velocity releases
  • Zero Trust enabled
Learn how we established a Federal agency’s DevSecOps process and implemented their Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) pipelines to support its cloud modernization effort.
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