Performance Measurement and Optimization

Effective program measurement leads the way to desired outcomes. When an organization’s teams have a shared understanding of the baseline and ongoing performance status, peak program performance is within reach.

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Public organizations require ongoing performance measurement and optimization to ensure quality and scalability. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality products and services for our customers and seek third-party accreditations accordingly. The industry-leading and globally recognized certifications that we maintain demonstrate our repeatable, documented, and successful systems and processes that inform low-risk solutions and yield consistent outcomes.

Our Services

Cognosante manages and delivers comprehensive technology solutions, and ensure excellence by applying CMMI L3 DEV/SVC, ISO 27001, ISO 2001, ISO 9001, and HITRUST best practices.

We deliver high-quality programs and excellence through use of our COMPASS™ framework, our proprietary set of comprehensive standards including processes, templates, and technology.

We manage projects in compliance with Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices, institutionalized in our COMPASS™ delivery framework.

Customers can expect transparent communication about progress, expectations, performance, and outcomes. We manage all projects with COMPASS™ to ensure uniformity, governance, quality, and maturity for all services performed.

Our project teams apply objective oversight by using metrics, measures, SLAs/OLAs, and compliance to all programmatic requirements.

Project delivery is aligned with organizational strategy, customer objectives, and stakeholders’ requirements. Customers are assured that deliverables are executed and delivered based on our robust governance practices, and can expect us to:

  • Meet Objectives — Ensure our projects are in sync with broader organizational strategy and goals.
  • Ensure Transparency and Accountability — Provide stakeholders with visibility into project progress and decision-making.
  • Mitigate Risks — Identify, track, and manage risks early, preventing costly overruns or project issues.
  • Entrust Confidence — Maintain trust and dependability of project direction and outcomes.
  • Utilized Resources Efficiently — Ensure optimal use of resources, preventing waste and ensuring budget compliance.

Organizations we work with know us for our excellence and approach to solutions and software quality. We apply process controls, a compliance approach, and quality methodologies to ensure service excellence and timely delivery.

Cognosante maintains third-party certifications that customers expect and require:

  • CMMI independently appraised at Maturity Level 3 for Services and Development. Organizations we work with know us for our unique composite skillset of excellence in our approach to solutions and software quality. 
  • ISO certifications that ensure our approach to quality, security and management is always being evaluated and improved upon.
    • ISO 9001 certification for our Quality Management System.
    • ISO 270001 certification validates our ability to manage risks to the security of the information we are charged with protecting.

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Ensuring Quality and Excellence:
Our Certifications

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Optimizing Customer Experience through a Modern Approach to Quality Assurance

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