University Programs

We proudly partner with colleges and universities to offer students valuable, hands-on work experience with a leading GovCon technology provider.

Bright Futures Begin Today

Through the Cognosante University Engagement program, students approach and solve business and technology challenges through meaningful work and build a professional foundation to propel them in the future.
As employees on teams from Data Science to Human Resources to Operations, students support and lead team projects, gain valuable work experience, and build relationships with other early career students and professionals. Our student programs also offer mentoring opportunities, power skills training, and countless networking opportunities.

We extend our core values of Value, Innovation, Performance, and Sharing (VIPS) to our university relations program. Cognosante thoughtfully and intentionally established partnerships and programs designed to develop the next generation of leaders ‚ÄĒ not just in business and technology, but in our increasingly global society.

Partnerships for Progress

Part of Cognosante’s evolving and enduring commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, we established key student programs focused on offering growth opportunities to various marginalized populations in our communities. In collaboration with our HBCU Partner Alliance and Women in STEM partner institutions, we help ensure tomorrow’s leaders are unencumbered by biases that traditionally created barriers to their success in the past.

Both programs enhance career readiness by encouraging students to foster new ideas and add their diverse viewpoints in a corporate environment.

HBCU Partner Alliance

Built through a targeted collaboration with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Cognosante’s HBCU Partner Alliance prepares students and recent graduates for promising careers in IT and government contracting.

Women in STEM

In partnership with women’s colleges, Cognosante’s Women in STEM program increases access to IT careers for women technologists and exposes non-technologists to the skills needed for a career in business, strategy, or operations.

Student and Early Career Opportunities

Our Internship Program

Our goals for the program are simple ‚Äď develop early career talent for a future of industry impact and pay a living wage. If you have completed at least 60 credit hours, you can apply to come learn the foundational elements of technology, business, and operations at Cognosante. For 10 weeks, you will support and lead projects with direct impact on critical citizen issues like our physical and cyber safety or how healthcare is delivered and accessed in America. Through comprehensive power skills training, mentorship, and exposure to executive leadership, you‚Äôll get actionable feedback and continued growth opportunities that will serve you for years to come. The goal is to support your development in becoming a strong, full-time Cognosante teammate with leadership potential.

Tech Incubator

Our two-year foundational Tech Incubator is designed for recent graduates looking to start their career in technology and data analytics. You’ll apply your academic learnings while developing cutting-edge, in-demand technology skills that give you a comprehensive understanding of the role of technology in business.

Learn anything from Agile and software factory methodology, cloud infrastructure with Amazon Web Services certification, coding languages, business intelligence and data analytics, data modeling and data visualization. With possibilities this extensive, the Cognosante Tech Incubator is the ideal launchpad for a long, successful career in IT. After a successful two-year rotation, Tech Incubator team members are ideally offered a permanent position on one of our many technology-focused teams.

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