Women in STEM

In partnership with women’s colleges, Cognosante’s Women in STEM program increases access to IT careers for women technologists and offers non-technologists a front row seat to the skills needed for a successful career in business, strategy, or operations.

Breaking the Bias Barrier

Part of Cognosante’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, the Women in STEM program addresses gender bias in technology and business by providing access and opportunities to level their playing field.
Students apply academic studies to real-world projects, gain marketable career experience, and learn to collaborate with peers and professionals across the organization. Women in STEM creates growth opportunities and gives students the tools to create paths to success in IT, government contracting, and the broader business landscape. Students graduate from the program with hands-on experience, needed power skills, and an expanded professional network.

Developed in partnership with university leaders, the program is comprised of three components.


In this 10-week paid program, aspiring professionals are matched with managers and departments aligned with their academic studies. Analysts work on meaningful projects tailored toward their career goals and our mission, develop an understanding of corporate best practices, earn certifications, and much more.


Students from our partner schools participate in a paid, semester-long learning experience, offering the chance to apply academic teachings in a real-world professional environment. The program provides one-on-one mentoring, career readiness and power skills, and more to make it a life-changing experience.


Cognosante’s Campus Connection establishes a deep connection between students and current professionals to share career experiences with the next generation of leaders. Through year-round, on-campus programming, virtual mentorship opportunities, and career readiness training, students get the benefit of corporate visibility and perspective as they chart their professional future.

Founding Partner Institutions

“Opportunities in tech are endless. Whether you are a hands-on technologist or aspiring to a business career in the tech industry, the Women in STEM program is an invaluable foundation. Experiential learning in a team environment develops critical hard and soft skills that prepare these bright students for the competitive workforce and the leadership opportunities that are sure to follow.”

Jackie Ackerman

Vice President, Data Science
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