Securing the Mission with a Foundation of Cybersecurity 

Security and privacy are the foundation of all our solutions – whether we’re securing sensitive information in the cloud, building contact center customer experiences, ensuring healthcare interoperability, or enabling operational readiness and resilience for those who serve. We enable our customers to meet or exceed Federal and state security requirements across domains and operating environments, create efficiencies, safeguard systems, and mitigate risks and threats—with a security-first lens that drives mission success.   

Shining a Light on our Cybersecurity Team  

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we recognize our team of seasoned professionals who secure program operations in environments that range from classified Department of Defense (DoD) systems to electronic health records. “Our world-class team is responsible for the operational security of an IT infrastructure that supports mission-critical work in the defense and civilian sectors, including healthcare and human services,” says Doug Neff, Chief Information Officer. “The theme of the 2022 observance – See Yourself in Cyber – really underscores the significant and often unseen role our IT professionals play in ensuring these complex environments remain available and secure.”  

Our dedicated team protects critical infrastructure and builds resilient systems using best practices in cybersecurity, DevSecOps, and IT governance. With a proven track record of security control assessment, they help clients obtain Authorizations to Operate (ATOs) and build cloud-based solutions that are as or more secure than legacy on-premises systems. Bringing cross- domain experience, the team collectively specializes in cloud security, network security, protection of sensitive information (including compliance with HIPAA, FISMA, and other relevant requirements), and securing classified networks and infrastructure.  

“Our world-class team is responsible for the operational security of an IT infrastructure that supports mission-critical work in the defense and civilian sectors, including healthcare and human services.”

Protecting with Cybersecurity, Inside and Outside 

Our cybersecurity experts protect American interests against global threats by designing, developing, and deploying secure environments.  We tailor solutions to mission requirements, and deliver nimble support that keeps pace with a dynamic landscape, using a specialized skillset that includes: 

  • Network Operations/Security Operations Center operations 
  • Forensic threat analysis 
  • Defensive cyber operations, and
  • Insider threat detection and response    

As a trusted technology provider, we know our customers expect an overall security posture that includes proactive security management and planning for total organizational and business security. To meet and exceed those expectations, we apply an equally rigorous approach to securing our business operations, processes, people, and technology. The knowledge and expertise we apply to solve our customers’ challenges is demonstrated by the highest industry and globally recognized certifications and partnerships we have earned and maintain. This rigor enables us to build secure solutions tailored to our customers’ mission requirements.  

“We appreciate the critical role that our team plays in protecting government organizations’ infrastructure in support of critical missions, all while simultaneously protecting Cognosante’s employees and our own enterprise,” says Harrison Coney, Cognosante’s Director of Information Security and Privacy. “With our holistic approach to security, inside and outside, our customers are ensured that we’re defending and protecting their security as well.” 

Learn more about how we’re securing and protecting our customers’ missions with cloud strategies, cybersecurity, application development, and other solutions.    



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