Helping State Health Insurance Exchanges Ensure Access to High Quality, Affordable Healthcare 

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows uninsured Americans to obtain health coverage through one of three ways: the Federally Facilitated Exchange (FFE), a State-based Exchange using the Federal enrollment platform (SBE-FPs), or entirely through State-Based Exchanges (SBEs). When State-Based Exchange consumers apply for and enroll in healthcare coverage, they do so through websites maintained by the states. 

We’re proud to help states provide more options for consumers who seek health insurance through the ACA and support the program’s effective delivery. Project Director Ashley Daniel describes how we support the administration of SBEs and help ensure program integrity.  

Ashley, you lead our efforts to support State Health Insurance Exchanges. Tell us about the work Cognosante is delivering to our states on behalf of the Federal government.  

Photo of Ashley Daniel, Project Director

We provide program management, analytics, and technical expertise so that state-based insurance exchanges are stable, competitive, and function in accordance with Federal statutes and waiver programs. Such innovations and best practices across exchanges are simplifying the processes that SBEs go through to participate in the marketplace. Collectively, this contributes to expanded consumer options and a positive customer experience. 

How is this work making a difference for State-Based Exchanges, and ultimately, the healthcare consumer? 

A key aspect of the work we’re doing is leveraging data analytics and visualizations to recognize significant data trends. With these helpful data insights, it’s easier for Federal regulators to measure program performance, and increase efficiency and program integrity. As a result, they’ve seen a reduced margin of error in reporting, less time spent on quality control, and unnecessary data collection has been eliminated. It’s exciting to know that we’re helping Federal and state agencies charged with implementing and maintaining both SBEs and SBE-FPs do so more effectively.  

The bottom line is that for me, it’s personally gratifying to know we’re helping states offer more healthcare options for Americans across the nation. The work that we’re doing ultimately helps people get access to healthcare, which is core to Cognosante’s mission. 


Learn more about how we assist Federal and state healthcare agencies implement and manage their eligibility and enrollment programs through technology innovation.  



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