Mission Summary

At Cognosante, our mission is to address critical challenges for the nation and improves people’s lives using innovative and transformative solutions. Together, with our customers and partners, we can improve the health and safety of all Americans.

Access to Care

Expanding access to health and social services to those who served our nation and those who need a helping hand is core to our purpose.
Citizens who need support and the government programs that provide that support are both at their best when they are connected. By partnering with healthcare agencies like the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and state-level Medicaid programs, we enable access to industry best practices in health literacy, consumer engagement, and community outreach as well as technological innovations like robotic-process automation, health informatics, and data science to dramatically improve access to programs our citizens rely on to live healthy and secure lives.

Delivery of Care

We are improving clinical performance with technology, systems integration, and citizen engagement services.
Patient safety is achieved when clinical professionals are empowered to perform at the highest level. To address that challenge, we provide solutions that accelerate organizational reliability and consistency, improve clinical data exchange, and better the overall patient experience.
With Cognosante’s solutions, hospital and healthcare organizations can deliver best-in-class care to patients, powered by technology. Our knowledge translation–based solutions result in 40 percent faster access to rapidly changing clinical guidelines. Our health information exchange expertise powers Internet-enabled, automated patient referral processes that reduce wait times by as much as 50 percent. We also deliver customized, transformational data and leadership strategies that boost essential worker morale, reduce staff turnover, and improve patient safety.

Health Equity

We deliver solutions that improve wellness by addressing the social determinants of health.
Systemic inequities in education, housing, income, and employment have a direct impact on health outcomes. By understanding the social, economic, and educational status of beneficiaries, Federal and state health and social services agencies can work together to tailor benefits programs to the unique needs of the populations they serve and more effectively address system inequities. We are committed to transforming the nation’s health and human services systems by working to seamlessly integrate social determinants of health data with traditional medical records for more holistic views of beneficiaries. Our experts are at the forefront of this vital movement that builds on our long history of helping government agencies remove barriers that prevent under-resourced individuals and families from accessing fundamental healthcare and safety net services, regardless of circumstance.

Safety and Security

We deliver solutions that protect the nation’s critical infrastructure and enable operational readiness. To advance our customers’ missions, we maintain certifications and FEDRAMP-certified technology platform partnerships to build secure solutions tailored to mission requirements.
Whether we’re helping hospitals and physicians seamlessly exchange health information between providers and other stakeholders, or supporting the military’s cyber command center, our approach to risk mitigation, crisis management, and protection of national infrastructures is proven.
Bringing extensive expertise in both technology and program management, our experience includes cybersecurity, biometrics, data science and analytics, application development, cloud strategy and implementation, and IT operations for agencies including:
  • U.S. Departments of Defense
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • U.S. Department of State
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • The intelligence community
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