Meet the Analysts: Danyal Choudhry

Danyal Choudhry is a recent graduate of George Mason University. A Virginia native, he graduated this past spring with a degree in Economics.

Danyal chose to spend his summer with Cognosante because the role he accepted is similar to what he wants to do in his future career. He is enjoying applying a lot of the skills he learned in school in the workforce such as regression and cost-benefit analysis. Danyal works on Cognosante’s Data Science team and has so far spent his summer analyzing performance data at Cognosante’s client call centers. The data analysis skills he’s developing at Cognosante this summer are preparing him for his career in data science by showing him a unique style of learning in addressing problems and proposing innovative solutions.

Outside of work, Danyal is interested in fitness and health. He enjoys hiking as well as reading nonfiction books.

What’s something that not a lot of people know about you?

“I’m a musician actually. I play guitar and it’s my favorite instrument to play.”



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