Telehealth is revolutionizing healthcare outside of traditional in-person settings, leveraging innovative technologies to offer patients more choices and flexibility in how they receive care. Rooted in outreach, care coordination, and evidence-based disease management protocols, technology-based telehealth solutions ensure an optimal, omnichannel patient experience; enabling high quality care.

Since before the recent surge in technology-based telehealth solutions, Cognosante delivered a range of virtual health solutions to some of the largest health systems in the world. Spanning a wide range of patient experience touchpoints, we develop, implement, and support solutions that optimize care delivery while improving patient satisfaction.


Telehealth Mobile Applications

TeleCritical Care


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Systems Integration

Program Management

Provider and Patient Help Desk and Support

Telehealth solutions make high quality healthcare available when face-to-face care or in-person clinical visits are not practical or advisable. They remove physical or geographic barriers to receiving care and offer greater flexibility in developing treatment plans, accommodating patient and provider preferences for the right care at the right place at the right time.

Cognosante telehealth solutions advance healthcare missions by considering the holistic needs of patients and partnering with industry-leading telehealth technology providers. We build the infrastructure that enables Federal and state government agencies to focus on patient care and health outcomes. With our solutions, healthcare providers are streamlining patient care without sacrificing patient experience, and agencies can continue to deliver on their missions.

Critical to success, Cognosante facilitates integration of the multitude of different technologies required to make telehealth seamlessly part of broader health services. As a systems integrator, our teams include technical, clinical, and medical experts in both public and private healthcare, with an understanding of technology and patient needs, challenges, and what it means to be patient-centric. This means we can ensure that clinical data from virtual health visits can be accurately, efficiently, and securely incorporated into a patient’s electronic medical record, with optimal data interoperability.

As a platform-agnostic integrator, we bring the best technology forward for each client’s individual needs. We have established partnerships with multiple telehealth technology providers, and with reputable FEDRAMP-certified partners like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. With our proven track record of delivering large scale interoperability solutions, we can integrate multiple, disparate systems while ensuring that the connections are in place to securely transmit clinical data from telehealth visits to the patient’s electronic medical record.

Cognosante’s comprehensive suite of telehealth solutions includes:

  • Program, project, and release management and deployment support, including:
    • Infrastructure and architecture support
    • Communications support, training development and delivery, and help desk support
  • Home-based health management using the Internet of Things (IoT) through our teleSante™ app–offering seamless integration of third-party healthcare frameworks and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).
  • Telecompanion hospital-based bedside monitoring technology with a centralized nurse station to monitor vital signs, alerts, and call buttons for nurse assistance to increase the timely response to inpatient needs and efficiency for clinical staff.
  • Asynchronous monitoring of patients’ vital signs and self-reported symptoms using Infectious Disease Management Protocols (DMP) developed by clinical subject matter experts.
  • Provision of medical grade supplies to be used either in conjunction with a comprehensive telehealth program or distributed by hospitals as standalone monitoring tools.
  • A comprehensive approach to outreach, training, and support services that simplifies the experience for users of all technological capabilities.

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