Customer First: Optimizing Customer Experience through Modernized Quality Assurance

Case Story


Objective Quality Assurance (QA) Programs Ensure Better Service Delivery

Cognosante is modernizing the customer experience (CX) by delivering technology-forward solutions that help people connect with vital services and programs.

Bolstered by J.Lodge, a wholly owned subsidiary and the first U.S.-based third-party Quality Assurance company, Cognosante deploys a unique employment model focused on providing meaningful career opportunities to U.S. Veterans and Americans with disabilities. J.Lodge services improve the quality and customer care experience within contact centers using artificial intelligence (AI), data-driven speech analytics, and industry-leading software.

The Challenge

Performance Trends Reveal Customer and Operational Needs

A Fortune 500 telecommunications company needed to transform its contact center quality monitoring program to further its customer retention, sales, and regulatory compliance goals. Quality Analysts could only monitor a small percentage of interactions across the 12,000-agent operation, limiting their ability to identify performance trends and understand the customer experience.
12% increase
in sales
30% improvement
in compliance
$11 million annual savings from reducing repeat calls

Our Solution

QA Practices Focusing on People, Process, and Innovative Technology Enable Success

Using best practices in CX optimization and speech analytics, the J.Lodge team transformed the client’s quality assurance practices with a focus on people, processes, and innovative technology.

People: J. Lodge employees, who average two years of college and eight years of experience with the company, are more educated and tenured than their industry counterparts. This fostered a working relationship that facilitated greater understanding of the customer’s unique business needs and customer experience objectives.

Processes: Based on a holistic assessment of operations, J.Lodge introduced a strategic, behavior-based quality assurance model, to build a culture of continuous process improvement. J.Lodge first introduced this model to a single division of the customer experience operation, then expanded over time, ultimately driving the adoption of an outcome-based mindset across the customer’s entire customer experience organization.

Innovative Technology: To provide increased speed to intelligence, J.Lodge introduced industry-leading speech analytics technology, driven by artificial intelligence to maximize its value. Using speech analytics, J.Lodge developed categories/queries to identify specific occurrences (or the lack of) across 100% of the contact center interactions. This enabled Quality Analysts to spend less time ingesting and processing data and more time identifying trends and understanding their root causes.

Our Tangible Results

Contact Center Automation Saves Costs, Creates Efficiencies, and Improves Performance Overall

J.Lodge automated significant aspects of this client’s CX operations. The deployment of advanced quality monitoring software and skilled analysts to harness the power of AI allowed the client to expand monitoring operations to 100% of their customer interactions, an increase of 97% at a fraction of the cost of manual monitoring. The introduction of speech analytics further empowered Quality Analysts to pursue targeted monitoring of interactions to improve average handle times and case resolution satisfaction.

Over the life of the project, these process improvements led to a four-minute reduction in QA audit time, and a 66% reduction in the QA resources needed to perform call monitoring tasks.

At the same time, targeted monitoring and speech analytics resulted in a 12% increase in sales conversion, a 30% improvement in compliance scores, and a reduction in repeat calls that saved the client over $11 million annually.

Cognosante is helping clients improve their customer experience operations with actionable quality assurance insights from J.Lodge.

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