Supporting the Army Warfighter through Enterprise Architecture Operations

Cognosante supports the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) Integrated Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Enterprise Architecture operations. Since 2021, our enterprise IT and management support has helped INSCOM focus on providing critical intelligence, security, and operational support to the Army. 

In this interview, in honor of Military Appreciation Month, Courtney Priester, Program Manager for Cognosante‚Äôs GEOINT- Enterprise Architecture (IGE-A) program, shares her thoughts on how our work supports the Army‚Äôs mission and the warfighter. 

What is geospatial intelligence? How does our work in enterprise IT facilitate it? 

Geospatial intelligence is information derived from various sources. As a systems integrator, Cognosante is the infrastructure provider for GETS ‚Äď or Geospatial Intelligence Enterprise Tasking, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination Services. Essentially, GETS is a website that allows analysts to upload reports and data and enter requests for information. It‚Äôs used primarily by GEOINT analysts but is a joint system available to all intelligence agencies and military branches. Having a secure, highly effective, highly available enterprise solution is essential to ensuring that users have access to the information they need when they need it. 

What does Cognosante‚Äôs efforts to access intelligence mean for the warfighter? 

Through the GETS program, we enable analysts to pull information, analyze it, and form a bigger picture of intelligence that informs decisions about where our assets should be sent. Essentially, we‚Äôre getting important intelligence information directly into the hands of warfighters so they can make timely decisions for their units and squadrons.  

What is important to you personally about Military Appreciation Month? 

Most of my team members have a military background, and we are very proud of their service. Many of them came to us because they were seeking the unifying purpose and mission they had in the military, and our program gives them the opportunity to apply their knowledge and experience in a way that helps current service members succeed.  

This month, and always, we honor the men and women who serve and give thanks for their service. 


Learn more about how Cognosante is supporting the U.S. Army GEOINT IGE-A program 



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