Always on Duty: Protecting Critical U.S. IT Infrastructure from Cybersecurity Threats

Case Story


Complex Threat Environments Require Always-On Vigilance

In our interconnected world, security breaches lead to unplanned downtime and mission degradation. Cognosante provides defensive cybersecurity operations to protect the U.S. military’s infrastructure and assets in regions known for high levels of malicious cyber activity. EIS, a Cognosante company and managing partner of the RS3 Joint Venture, provides ongoing defensive cyber operations, threat and data analytics, defensive cyber assessment, and systems support to the Department of Defense.

The Challenge

Cyber Threat Mitigation Involves Trusted Mission Partners

Our customer requires a team of IT professionals to protect U.S networks from direct cyber-attacks and other cyber threats. As mission partners, we bring situational awareness, regional knowledge, deep expertise in defensive cyber operations, and robust security controls to maintain continuity of operations. We conduct operations in a manner that prevents technical isolation while simultaneously supporting the relocation of defensive cyber functions to other facilities within the region.
Protecting U.S. Classified and Unclassified Networks in a key region
Identifying and addressing potential network deficiencies
Ensuring a
stronger overall
security posture

Our Innovative Solution

Defensive Cybersecurity Operations Enable Mission Readiness

We enable mission readiness and support a strong cybersecurity posture for this critical IT infrastructure. To help our customer, we’re supplying a wide range of robust operational and technical support, including:

Preventing, identifying, and stopping malicious activity through Defensive Cybersecurity Operations (DCO)

  • 24/7 network monitoring, intrusion detection, incident handling, and coordination with law enforcement and counterintelligence, and onsite presence, which prevents technical isolation and facilitates quick response to malicious activity when it occurs.
Providing Situational Awareness of Cyber Threat Activity through Threat and Data Analytics
  • Threat research, in-depth incident analysis, data correlation and trend analysis, indications and warning and analytical reporting.
Providing Intrusion Protection through Defensive Cyber Assessment
  • Penetration testing, focused vulnerability scanning, network assistance visits, wireless assessments, persistent presence missions, network security architecture assessments, new Computer Network Defense technology assessments.
Equipping and Supporting DCO Operations
  • System/Network Administration, Database Administration, Application Development, Configuration Management, System Lifecycle Management, Administrative, Logistical and Security Support.

Our Tangible Results

A More Secure Network Means a Stronger Overall Security Posture

  • Protected U.S. Classified and Unclassified Networks by
    • Analyzing over 8 million various security events since July 2022.
    • Submitting over 600 incident reports for situational awareness and mitigation during the same period.
  • Through Cyber Threat Analysis, identified and closed vulnerabilities that could have resulted in disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or allowed access to money laundering programs used by a regional threat actor. We published findings to increase cyber threat awareness and enhance detection and mitigation efforts.
  • Identified and addressed potential network deficiencies through penetration tests, wireless assessments, and web assessments, which resulted in a stronger overall security posture.

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