Supporting our Veterans

1. What was your branch of service? What was your rank?

I spent 22 years in the U.S. Army; three years as an enlisted soldier progressing from private to sergeant, and 19 years as an officer serving from lieutenant to my retirement as a lieutenant colonel.

2. As leader of Cognosante’s Military and Veteran Health business unit, why is the work you do every day so important? What do you like most about your role?

I am proud and humbled by the opportunity I have been afforded to lead Cognosante’s Military and Veterans Health business unit (BU). Cognosante’s direct focus on disrupting and improving the nation’s healthcare systems aligns with my personal beliefs about improving the quality of people‚Äôs lives across the entire spectrum of personal health and the human lifecycle. Being able to lead a BU specifically focused on improving military and Veteran health is something that I‚Äôm passionate about as a result of my time serving in the military, my experiences as a Veteran, and the conditions millions of other Veterans continue to endure today. I consider myself very fortunate to have achieved a position where company objectives align with my passions.

3. How has Cognosante made a difference for the VA? OR How does Cognosante aim to make a difference in the VA?

The Cognosante is making a positive difference through the work we do across the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), and most currently the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Having won several key and strategic opportunities, we are developing and deploying the referrals and authorization system that helps Veterans gain the necessary approvals and referrals required when seeking care with non-VA community care providers. We are also leading the largest platform migration and development in recent VA history, improving the VA customer relationship management system, and improving the way the VA interacts with the Veteran community. Most recently, we were awarded the Cloud Operations and Migration Services (COMS) contract that is modernizing the VA’s systems, moving and operating them in an enterprise cloud environment, and ensuring Veteran records and services are protected, secure, and available when and where they are needed. We continue to pursue other opportunities across both the VA and DoD to further improve the healthcare and benefits provision across the entire spectrum of military and Veteran services.

4. If former military personnel were interested in joining the Cognosante workforce, what words of advice would you give them?

‚ÄúApply, apply, apply!‚ÄĚ As a recognized leader in the Federal healthcare market, Cognosante is not only mission-focused on improving healthcare services and support, but also has a deep, personal internal culture committed to improving the lives and livelihood of our employees. Cognosante has the deepest respect and admiration for its Veteran employees and recognizes the value military service adds to a resume. We want and look for individuals that share our core beliefs and mission focus and have the same passions we do for improving the lives of others.



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