Continuing to Serve:
A Veterans Day Perspective

In honor of Veterans Day, Steve Schliesman, Cognosante’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Military & Veterans Health, shares his perspective on Cognosante’s commitment to Veterans, both in the work we deliver on the behalf of our customers, and within our culture.

America was built on the service, support, and sacrifices of many great people. I appreciate the significance of Veterans Day as a time to pause and thank all who have served, and the families who support themWhile Veterans Day comes only once each year, I’m proud to work for a company that is committed every day to the Veteran community. We believe that ensuring the health and well-being of our Veterans honors their service and contributions to the nation.

Like the military, Cognosante has a clear mission to transform the delivery of healthcare and Veteran services in the United States. For example, our Military and Veterans Health Business Unit is honored to partner with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as they modernize their systems and infrastructure to improve access to health services and enhance the quality of the care Veterans receive. One such example of the synergistic benefits between Cognosante and the VA is program support as they automate and optimize the patient referral process. Through the Community Care Referrals and Authorizations program, Veterans, when necessary, are referred to private healthcare providers in their own communities, which helps shorten wait times and preserves the VA patient experience.  

Walso support health and wellness programs for active-duty military and their families and help disseminate the latest in medical research to military care providers 

In addition to our Veteran commitment through program support, hiring Veterans is a key focus for Cognosanteand will always be a priority for our employee cultureWe recognize the values ingrained through military service and hold ourselves to similar standards of excellence and integrity. The unique skills and experiences of our Veteran employees contribute to how well we understand our military customers’ missions, and ultimately, the fellow Veterans that utilize VA services will be best served. 

After Veterans join Cognosante, I am especially excited about their opportunity to contribute to our ConVERG program, Veterans Employee Resource Group that fosters a deeper sense of community, and promotes collaboration on topics like mentorship, recruiting, and events of interestFor example, we have begun regularly hosting “Culture 101” courses aimed at helping all of our employees take part in creating a work culture that is welcoming and rewarding for Veterans and Military spouses. Veterans who are making the transition to civilian life can come to Cognosante knowing they’ll find meaningful career opportunities with the ability to continue their service to our nation as part of the Cognosante team. Given our commitment to Veterans and their families, it’s no surprise that Cognosante made the list of Monster/’s prestigious “Best Companies for Veterans 2020.”

As we honor Veterans throughout November, I am proud to be part of an organization that honors military service through its values, its dedication, and its work. Cognosante’s people are passionate, appreciate teamwork and diversity, and together we’re serving a cause greater than any single individual. Bbeing part of the team at Cognosanteas Veterans, we continue to serve.  

Learn more about the impact that our work supports on the behalf of Veterans, active military, and their families

Learn more about our Cognosante Cares program, which was established to support Veteran organizations through corporate financial and employee contributions. More importantly, our Veteran employees are supporting others in their communities through their own advocacy work. 



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