Improving Patient Care through Data Interoperability

One of the most complex data challenges in healthcare is interoperability. Core challenges are quality, shareability, actionable value, privacy, and unlocking hidden contextual meaning in the data. Data standards can improve the way patients experience healthcare, but that means taking numerous stakeholders, multiple data standards, and transmission of large amounts of clinical and administrative data into consideration.‚ÄĮ The future of data relies on reliable interaction, sharing and visualization that decision-makers need most.

Addressing Complex Data Challenges Across the Healthcare System

Industry advancements in understanding how data is accessed and shared, and building the framework that enables smart and safe data exchange.

Data Sharing to Improve Patient Experience

Applying technology to promote real-time prior authorization review and approval and improve the patient experience.

Advancing Beyond Connectivity in the Digital Age

Proving greater individual control healthcare data, promoting the use of smartphone applications, and preventing data-blocking practices.

Ensuring Patient Privacy in an Interoperable World

Infusing data protection into the development of data standards to ensure privacy concerns are assessed early and often.

Operationalizing the Interoperability Work of the DaVinci Project

Looking ahead for ways innovation like machine learning can help us gain value from rapidly growing data sets.
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