National Military Appreciation Month: Honoring Veterans Through Our Work

In honor of National Military Appreciation Month, we’re proud to feature Cognosante leaders who support military and Veteran missions through the work they do for our customers.

We talked with Jennifer Bond, a Vice President of Growth at Cognosante. She shares her insights on how and why our company supports the Department of Veterans Affairs mission.

As the VP of Growth aligned to our Veteran programs, can you elaborate on our mission to increase Veterans’ access to health?

Information technology plays a major role in improving access to healthcare. The Department of Veterans Affairs, for example, is heavily focused on modernizing the enterprise IT systems that support their electronic health record, financial systems and supply chain.

As a technology company dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of all Americans, this is an area where we can have a direct impact. We’re honored to help the VA along its journey to modernize its systems and innovate into the future. It’s gratifying to be able to develop the solutions and infrastructure that ensure the high-quality care that Veterans deserve.

What are some key VA programs that we’re leading on the behalf of our customers, and what impacts are they making?

There are several programs that I’m proud to highlight. Through the Community Care Referral and Authorization program, we developed the IT infrastructure that allows Veterans to receive healthcare from their local community providers. This solution allows the bilateral data exchange that gives both the community care provider and VA the information they need to treat patients–often times more quickly and with fewer administrative delays. This has been a game-changer for Veterans who cannot easily access healthcare at VA facilities.

Beyond access to healthcare, we also manage VA’s Time and Attendance System (VATAS) and support its Veteran Readiness & Employment (VRE) case flow management tool. These tools reduce administrative burden on VA employees and caseworkers and allows them to focus on high-caliber tasks and spend more time with the Veterans they serve, which is their core purpose.

Another program, which is a wonderful tribute to Veterans, is the Veterans Legacy Memorial (VLM). We provide business analyst support for this online memorial space dedicated to the 3.7 million Veterans whose final resting place is in 150 cemeteries managed by the National Cemetery Administration. Similar to a social media profile page, the VLM creates an online profile for each Veteran, and offers a way for family and friends to share photos, memories, comfort, and connection.

Finally, through programs like Remote Health Monitoring and My HealtheVet, we enable the technology that allows Veterans to handle some aspects of their care remotely. These tools have been especially impactful during the past year, when many were unable to receive routine care due to COVID.

What do you see going forward are things we should be thinking about to best serve our nation’s Veterans?

For me personally, meaningful impact is key. For example, while my day-to-day responsibilities focus on the Federal programs that support Veterans, I also place a high value on volunteering for Veterans causes. The past year has really shown how important it is to invest in our communities, not just through our work, but through our actions. I would strongly encourage anyone who supports Veterans to consider the impact they can have by contributing their time and talents.

As employers, many private sector organizations recognize that Veteran employees want to continue to serve others, and, even now, out of uniform, their efforts still contribute to their country and its citizens.

At Cognosante, we appreciate all that Veterans have to offer. That’s why we help facilitate their transition to civilian life from active service.  Many of our Veterans have known only the high up-tempo environment of a country at war for 20 years. Leaving that environment and adjusting to civilian life is a critical transition.

As a leader, what is significant to you about recognizing National Military Appreciation Month?

My grandfather served in World War II, and I grew up hearing stories of his experiences. As civilians, we should not only honor the sacrifices of service members and Veterans, but also be inspired by their sense of mission. National Military Appreciation Month should remind us to do what is important and meaningful. In my case, that is supporting the Veterans who are so near and dear to my heart.

Cognosante’s mission is to support the health, safety, and well-being of Americans who serve the nation and providing assistance to those who need it most. Learn more about the impact we’re making on the behalf of those who have served, or are currently serving, and their families.



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