Phoenix office’s blood drive helps 100+ patients

By all accounts, the Phoenix office’s inaugural blood drive was a resounding success. Its donor goal was 25 persons, but 33 team members volunteered to donate blood, achieving 132% of the event’s target goal. The donations will aid up to 111 medical patients in Arizona.

Led by Wendy Clark, Laura Daniel, Sylvia Hendrickson, and Irene Juergens, the office’s first-ever blood drive was held in conjunction with United Blood Services, a nonprofit organization that provides blood, blood products, and services to nearly 700 hospitals across the U.S., ensuring that their local communities have access to a safe blood supply.

United Blood Services representative Brian Wasserman thanked the Phoenix office’s members for their “passion and dedication in making this drive so successful.”

“We appreciate all of Cognosante’s wonderful donors,” Wasserman said. “We want to come back as soon as you will have us.”



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