Rhonda Warnack: Extending the joy of the holidays to vulnerable families

In 1995, Rhonda Warnack and her husband Paddo were at a local Portland, OR, pub having a drink and anticipating the holiday season. There was a Christmas tree, sponsored by the Salvation Army, with nametags of local underprivileged children. They picked a nametag, Madeline, and returned with a gift. But they noticed that many nametags […]

Sandra Harmsen-Clark: Supporting burn survivors’ recovery

Burn survivors not only have to deal with their physical injuries, but they also have to face psychological effects as well. Sandra Harmsen-Clark and her husband have found a way to help by volunteering at the Arizona Burn Foundation. Harmsen-Clark, benefits manager for Cognosante, focuses on two efforts at the foundation: Camp Courage and the […]

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