Program Spotlight: J.Lodge Supports Comcast’s National Call Center Services

We met with Joe Tuttle, Client Strategies Manager, to see how J.Lodge, a Cognosante Company, leverages sales quality processes and tools to optimize the customer support experience and drive program growth in support of our client, Comcast. See why Dave Tarone, Comcast Executive Director, Telesales & NCCS Channel Ops said “J. Lodge has been a valued quality partner for many years. Every time we challenge them to think outside the box they go over and beyond and deliver quality results. They take the time to understand our needs and work closely with both our Internal Call Centers and Business Partners to drive positive change. Since partnering with J. Lodge, both our sales conversions and compliance metrics have improved.”

How would you describe/summarize the Comcast National Call Center Services (NCCS) Sales Quality Excellence (SQE) Program?

Sales Quality Excellence (SQE) is a flexible, behavior-based approach to quality that embraces simplification and customer personalization, while driving desired business outcomes. As a team we review customer interactions from a behavioral and customer experience perspective. Additionally, we offer our data capture and interaction analysis expertise to further enhance the development of the Quality Automation, or speech analytics platform, within Comcast.

SQE focuses on six behaviors:

  1. Warm and Friendly
  2. Own It
  3. Show Appreciation
  4. Listen and Respond Accordingly
  5. Discover Needs
  6. Brand/Product Ambassador

What is unique about the Comcast NCCS SQE Program that every employee should know?

Unlike some other call center strategies, SQE provides greater freedom to the call center agent in navigating calls. By creating a more natural, customer-focused interaction, agents can better understand a customer’s reason for reaching out and use SQE tools to ensure customer satisfaction.

How have we provided value to Comcast with this project?​​​​​​​

Cognosante provides Comcast with the following benefits:

  • Develop best practices through the interpretation and analysis of written and voice interactions.
  • Uncover highly effective sales behaviors to tune the Quality Automation Model and provide insights/feedback on how to improve customer experience behaviors and business process.
  • Proactively identify and interpret trends to maximize productivity, customer satisfaction, and program success.
  • Create and sustain feedback loops that drive improved agent and model performance by leveraging quality guidelines and calibration sessions.

What are you most looking forward to because of this project?

Meeting the deliverables of this project is what the team looks forward to the most. The projects two key components, improving speech analytic algorithms and sales effectiveness are two areas that align well with the team’s experience. Therefore, by meeting the client’s expectations and demonstrating the value of our work, our yearning would be for the client to extend, or create additional funding beyond the current schedule.




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