Contact Center Careers: Meet Operations Supervisor, Romi Baksi

Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) have options when thinking about career advancement. Within Cognosante, there are many roles that accomplished CSRs can aspire to in an effort to develop their skills and add value to our growing organization. In this series,  we share examples of our various call center leaders to show just how far you can go with the meaningful skills you will develop as a CSR. From Customer Satisfaction to Quality Control, the possibilities are huge and we encourage you to explore them!

This edition, meet Romi Baksi, who rose from Customer Service Representative to Operations Supervisor in just 9 months by displaying collaborative leadership and a hunger for success.

Romi, we are familiar with the core role of the Customer Service Representative in the call center environment, but can you tell us more about your primary duties as a Supervisor?

As a supervisor, I work closely with Customer Service Agents, other Supervisors, Operations Managers, and Functional Program Managers.¬† I am responsible for supervision, development, and coaching of CSRs to assure productivity, quality, attendance, and timeliness of work in the completion of assigned projects and departmental goals. This ensures that we are serving our customers with a consistent level of quality across every call and meeting the customer’s expectations for our performance.

You joined Cognosante as a CSR before being promoted; what CSR skills are important to have in order to move up to your role?

Being a first-level supervisor is one of the most demanding and challenging jobs in any call center organization. A passion to help, well-developed communication skills, decision making abilities, adaptability, planning and organization skills will make you ready to succeed in a supervisor role.

What advice can you give to a CSR wanting to move forward in their call center career?

Be thorough in the product/service knowledge and overachieve the targets that have been set for you. Align yourself with the project goals and be committed. Work hard and grab any opportunity that comes your way which broadens your knowledgebase and enhances your abilities to move up the corporate ladder.




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