Solving Challenges with Data and Analytics: Smart COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution to Those Who Need It Most

How would you distribute COVID vaccines in the future if you already knew who needed them most?

As part of a Snowflake data marketplace challenge, Cognosante used Data Science to answer that very question. This challenge was the ideal opportunity to show how Cognosante data scientists are solving complex health challenges by leveraging data aggregation, integration, and visualization. 

In the Snowflake Challenge, a public challenge hosted by the market-leading data platform by the same name, health category participants were equipped with a trial Snowflake account and a required data set and asked to answer: ‚ÄúWhere would you send COVID vaccines in the future if you had the opportunity to do so?‚ÄĚ   

Watch this powerful video demonstration of how the Cognosante team leverages Snowflake and other technology partners to glean meaningful data insights that won them the Snowflake challenge.

computer screen data visualization Snowflake Challenge 2021

Snowflake is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform that integrates data from multiple sources and cloud service providers into one place and then analyzes and shares across ecosystems. It creates ‚Äúa single source of truth,‚ÄĚ which is critical to obtaining meaningful insight from data.  

In addition to answering the challenge question, the Cognosante team added complexity to increase impactInstead of just downloading the required data set into the trial Snowflake account, the Cognosante team added four additional, publicly available data sources. This data was used to create two risk levels (immunity and health) that were then joined to determine where the highest risk was, in other words, who needed it most. No Personally Identifiable Information or Protected Health Information was used, which means that individuals‚Äô data integrity was maintained.  

The entire process required the Cognosante team to gather and aggregate data from multiple sources  across multiple cloud service providers, integrate it inside of a Snowflake Cloud Data Platform, plug in a BI tool, and drive actionable insight from the incoming data.  

The data insights and corresponding visualization showed that Clallam County, located in Washington state, is the highest populated county in that area, and the highest populated city within that county is Port Angeles. In other words, this specific, highly targeted area of the U.S. would have been a prime focal point to distribute COVID-19 vaccinations early in the pandemic, if existing health risks were assessed in such a way. 

Watch the video demonstration  

With the application of data integration, predictive analytics, and data visualization there is an endless area of opportunity to solve healthcare challenges in new ways, leveraging the power of data. And, Cognosante is leading the way.  Learn how we‚Äôre solving complex challenges with our customers by applying Cognosante‚Äôs Data Science and data and analytics capabilities and experience. 



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