Data Science

Organizations are overwhelmed with data—the sheer amount of data, disparate data types, fragmented data sources, and data visualizations unfortunately lead to data paralysis, and leaders are making gut decisions instead of operating from a defensible, reliable, data-driven mindset. Cognosante is helping partners make sense of data and influence impactful business decisions based on the stories that data can tell. We are taking customers along the journey from descriptive to prescriptive analytics with agile, meaningful insight along the way.


Data Acquisition and Organization

Business Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Data Analytics

We harness the full power of data science and advanced analytics to help government organizations make smarter, informed business decisions. ​By combining military intelligence strategies with cutting-edge data analytics, our customers get innovative data solutions to meet and accelerate their mission objectives.

Unlike analytics programs that leverage singular or fragmented data sources, Cognosante’s advanced analytics solutions pull from multiple data sources across your organization to move data from descriptive analytics to predictive, and even prescriptive, analytics with the goal of generating a clearer understanding of business problems and growth opportunities.

By leveraging advanced business intelligence and data analytics tools like data exploration and predictive modeling, our holistic approach focuses on understanding the questions that are asked of the data. Through advanced data analysis, we are able to:

  • Identify and collect credible data to support our AI-fueled analytics platform that creates and identifies data relationships.
  • Leverage cloud-based solutions to visualize connections, trends, patterns, and outliers that exist.
  • Create predictive and prescriptive models based on previously unknown emerging data trends.

Solving Challenges with Data and Analytics: Smart COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution to Those Who Need It Most

How would you distribute COVID vaccines in the future if you already knew who needed them most? As part of a Snowflake data marketplace challenge, Cognosante used Data Science to answer that very question. This challenge was the ideal opportunity to show how Cognosante data scientists are solving complex health challenges by leveraging data aggregation, integration, and visualization.  In the Snowflake […]

National Military Appreciation Month: Honoring Veterans Through Our Work

In honor of National Military Appreciation Month, we’re proud to feature Cognosante leaders who support military and Veteran missions through the work they do for our customers. We talked with Jennifer Bond, a Vice President of Growth at Cognosante. She shares her insights on how and why our company supports the Department of Veterans Affairs […]

National Military Appreciation Month: Improving Veteran Healthcare Through Innovative Technology

In honor of National Military Appreciation Month, we’re proud to feature Cognosante leaders who support military and Veteran missions through the work they do for our customers. We spoke with Erick Peters, Chief Technology Officer at Cognosante, and a Navy Veteran. He shares his perspective on how innovative technology is improving healthcare for Veterans.   Erick, […]

Summer Analysts Trained and Certified as Cognosante Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts

Cognosante’s Internship program offers aspiring young professionals the opportunity to learn skills and knowledge through individual and group project experiences, plus through hands–on training and certifications. During an internship with Cognosante, Summer Analysts can expect to gain a combination of real–world business problem solving and professional development through training activities, which collectively will prepare college students for their first steps into a career.   Types of Training and Certifications that Cognosante Offers […]

Improving Customer Experiences with Data Insights

Context: The Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) established by CMS provides individuals and small businesses a “one-stop shop” for private health insurance options. Throughout the FFM enrollment process, discrepancies arise that need to be investigated and reconciled in a timely manner so that customers receive the correct coverage, and plan issuers receive the correct payments.   Challenge: Each year, taxpayers who obtain insurance through the […]

Expert Insights: Applying Cognosante Interoperability Innovations to Healthcare

In today’s digital world, organizations have vast amounts of data at their fingertips. This is especially true in the healthcare industry, which over the last 20 years has evolved from a disjointed paper-based system into one with continually evolving and improving data interoperability.   Clinical data,   claims data, administrative data, and information collected through smartphones and other personal medical devices are […]