Driving Successful Government Cloud Initiatives with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cognosante solves problems with technology, innovation, and purpose.

As an Advanced Consulting partner and member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Partner Program, we have access to a flexible, scalable, and secure technology platform that can drive the solutions that improve people’s lives. The Public Sector Partner Program recognizes entities that have demonstrated excellence in using AWS cloud technology to address critical government challenges. In exchange, the AWS Public Sector Partner Program helps partners accelerate their AWS public sector business portfolios.

“AWS provides the underlying services that allow us to innovate rapidly, reduce complexity, and scale on demand. By helping our public sector customers maximize their investments in IT and cloud, we are enabling digital transformations at a time when so many government programs want to take advantage of this paradigm shift,” said Ben Grafton, VP of Cognosante’s Cloud Engineering practice.

“During the COVID pandemic, for example, when one of our government customers required a quick and innovative shift in their infrastructure to transition to remote work, we leveraged Amazon Connect to get them operating in a new technology paradigm,” elaborated Ben. “Our Cognosante team outfitted the customer with a small scale smart phone capability and voicemail integration for all employees who needed to work remotely. These solutions were only possible due to the adoption of cloud platform services.”

Since the establishment of our Cloud practice in 2015, Cognosante has used the flexibility and security of AWS-based solutions to improve healthcare, advance interoperability, and generate cost savings for federal customers. AWS GovCloud is HIPAA and FedRAMP compliant, allowing government agencies to pursue cloud projects with confidence.

Since Cognosante was welcomed into the Amazon Public Sector Partners program in 2019, we have leveraged the partnership to yield enhanced and advanced collaboration to benefit our customers. In that time, we’ve helped government organizations deliver on their missions by supporting their cloud related efforts.

Cognosante has supported government organizations through these large, complex programs:

  • Established a unified cloud solution for the largest healthcare agency in the country,
  • Built the infrastructure that generates referrals and authorizations for Veterans receiving care in the community,
  • Designed and implemented an eHealth Exchange Data Hub and Dashboard to facilitate tens of millions of daily transactions for the nation’s largest public-private health information network,
  • Implemented foundational cloud governance framework for multiple large government agencies,
  • Managed statewide Health Information Exchanges (HIE) for multiple states,
  • Facilitated the secure exchange of confidential health data between cloud enclaves of large government organizations, and
  • Assisted with hundreds of application migrations across organizations from on-premises to the cloud.

What’s next? Our commitment to providing health solutions for Americans at the Federal, state, and local levels led us to pursue an AWS Public Sector Healthcare Competency. This will allow us to partner with AWS on new solutions for customers across the nation as we continue to innovate on top of their game-changing cloud platform.

To learn more about Cognosante’s cloud insights and how we help customers achieve cloud success by innovating with purpose, visit us here.




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