Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Security architecture, deployment, operations, and compliance; all optimized for the cloud

Cognosante has a model of success for cloud migration projects that is repeatable and scalable. Our cloud migration experts (including certified architects) and cloud agnostic service platform allow us to apply the best solutions to meet business needs while ensuring effective security and privacy protections are in place.

Cognosante Cloud Foundations

Cloud strategy is foundational to our evolution and that of our customers. This focus has positioned us uniquely in the cloud solutions vendor ecosystem because of our capabilities on two critical axes. Horizontally, we’re a low-risk provider of cloud services at scale, currently supporting two of the largest federal agencies and numerous state solutions across Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Vertically, we are continually focused on innovation, aligned with the emerging roadmaps of CSPs, driving intentional and tailored innovation for our customers, and maximizing the benefits and cost savings to be realized with a mature cloud strategy.

Through this lens, and predicated on our focus on scalability and innovation, Cognosante Cloud Foundations (CCF) became our repeatable framework for cloud excellence. CCF focuses on:

  • Cloud Govern — we develop hybrid and multi cloud strategies to include tools, methodologies, processes, reports, and key milestones
  • Cloud Migrate — we identify, assess, plan, migrate, operate, and enhance legacy workloads for modern cloud
  • Cloud Evolve — we refactor, supplement, and enhance legacy workloads with modern cloud capabilities
  • Cloud Develop — we develop new solutions using the most effective, modern, and lowest operational cost cloud capabilities.
  • Cloud Operate — we operate critical and secure cloud workloads across cloud and data center operational requirements, while supporting Migrate, Develop, and Evolve

CCF Expertise, Partners, and Tools

Cognosante has migrated legacy applications and deployed new solutions to cloud environments for multiple Federal and state agencies. We have established partner relationships with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, with expertise in both commercial and government clouds. We also have proven experience with Google Cloud and IBM Cloud.

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Cloud Insights

“Gall’s law states that a complex system that works, and complex systems that work well together, invariably evolved from simple systems that worked. With cloud technology, today more than ever, we have the building blocks to create simple and efficient systems, and ultimately build well-engineered, complex systems. At Cognosante, we make cloud work well: from hosting, to migrations, to native cloud development, to microservices, and serverless design.”

Leveraging AWS Cloud in Support of the VA

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