Back to School Tips and Tricks

September. Although many are already back in school, this month marks return for everyone. Are you ready? We recognize COVID-19 has made an impact on how children will learn this year, and in anticipation of this, we are sharing helpful tips and insights to make this school year a success for the entire family! 10 Back to School […]

August Quality Performance Metrics

Congratulations, Performance Center and Program Staff on the following Quality Performance Scores in August: Quality Objective 1: Client facing project governance activities are conducted according to policy. Target: 98% of reviews are completed as planned. Actual: We met this objective at 100%!  Quality Objective 2: Action plans are in place for projects in red status. Target: 100% of […]

Leadership Spotlight: Jennifer Bailey, Chief People Officer

We met with Jennifer Bailey, Chief People Officer to learn how she defines success within the People Operations department and what leadership means to her. Did you know one of her biggest dreams is to become a news anchorwoman? 1. How long have you been with the organization? I started at Cognosante in September 2018, and I am […]