Take Charge of Your Wellness Over the Holidays


Paying attention to diet, exercise & finances

Keep up your healthy habits.

Does your holiday season include eggnog lattes, party hopping and Black Friday shopping? Don’t let the extra fun wreak havoc on your diet, fitness, and finances. Here are some tips to keep you on track:

Take Charge of Your Diet

  • Focus on conversation, not on the hand-passed appetizers.
  • Eat a small snack to curb your appetite before a party.
  • Bring a “safe” appetizer, like vegetables and low-fat dip.
  • Partner with a buddy to watch your weight during the holidays. This will make you accountable and give you a source of support, as well.
  • Send guests home with those high-calorie leftovers.
  • Make smart substitutions in your cooking (e.g., less sugar and low-fat milk).
  • Watch your pour. Alcohol is high in calories and can lower your inhibitions when the dessert comes around.

Take Charge of Your Fitness

  • Schedule workouts on your calendar.
  • Start your resolution early. Wake up early and use the extra time to walk or hit the gym. Or, spend your lunch break walking the halls of your office or the parking lot or climbing stairs.
  • Traveling? Use the hotel’s fitness facilities the town’s walking paths or parks or ask a family member or work associate for a guest pass to their gym.

Take Charge of Your Finances

  • Create a holiday expense budget and stick to it. Set a budget now that keeps you out of debt, but don’t cut your good financial habits, such as saving, making 401(k) contributions, etc. Holidays don’t have to mean extravagance.
  • Avoid credit cards—use cash.
  • Keep a list of what you buy and spend for a visual budget reminder.
  • Keep your impulsivity in check by planning your purchases in advance.
  • Comparison shop. Look for vendors that don’t charge shipping. Ask local stores to price match.



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