Leadership Spotlight: Spiro Fotopoulos, Chief Legal Officer

Did you know Spiro Fotopoulos, Chief Legal Officer was a nationally ranked tennis player? Learn how he defines success in the Legal department and more in this Q&A!

1. How long have you been with the Cognosante? Can you briefly describe your journey to Chief Legal Officer?

I have been at Cognosante since April 2014. I was hired as the Deputy General Counsel and promoted to General Counsel in October 2017.

2. Can you tell us a little more about the Legal Department?

The Legal Department comprises two people ‚Äď me and Angie Franklin, Manager Legal Administration. We support Cognosante‚Äô s growth efforts while protecting and preserving the legal, financial, privacy, and ethical integrity of Cognosante. Our mission is to support all corporate objectives by providing legal advice and counseling. We ensure our business solutions are compliant with all applicable laws (both by the letter and in spirit) and consistent with our business standards and principles.

3. How do you define success in the Legal Department? Is there an interesting success story you can share?

Success in the Legal Department is doing whatever it takes to support the overall mission of the company. While there are several examples, I recall one with specific fondness. Back in 2017, when the VA released the RFP for the CCR&A program, Cognosante was deemed ineligible due to an organizational conflict of interest. To become eligible, Cognosante needed to divest a contract and novate it in approximately one month so that we would be eligible to win CCR&A. It was considered a longshot at best to be able to accomplish both the divestiture and complete the novation in such a short timeframe. However, we accepted the challenge, got it done, and CCR&A was ultimately awarded to Cognosante.

4. If you could describe Cognosante in one word, what would it be and why?

Teamwork. The Cognosante team does a great job of utilizing various strengths of employees to provide high quality solutions for its customers.

5. What is your favorite thing about working at Cognosante?

My favorite thing about Cognosante is the people I work with every day. I particularly cherish the ‚Äúno job is too small‚ÄĚ mentality that so many of our employees have to ensure that our customers‚Äô needs are met.

6. What does leadership mean to you? What are one of your biggest strengths as a leader?

Leadership is leveraging your position to see and serve the needs of others. I embrace ‚Äúservant leadership‚ÄĚ where I try to focus on the needs of others and the company first before my own. I believe in treating others how I would want them to treat me.

7. What is one interesting/unique fact about yourself?

I was a nationally ranked junior tennis player and played at the University of Virginia. This experience taught me the values of hard work, preparation, and commitment to detail which I try to demonstrate in my work at Cognosante.



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