Zumzum Khan

Name: Zumzum Khan

School: University of Virginia

Year in School: Rising Junior

Major: Bachelor of Science in Commerce

Hometown: Springfield, VA

What are your hobbies/interests/passions? I like reading, exploring new coffee shops, traveling, and photography.

What is a fun fact about yourself? People wanted my autograph in ninth grade at a wedding because I was confused for a famous actress while visiting relatives in my parent’s home country.

What department are you interning with? Marketing and Communications

Briefly describe what you will be doing: I will be working with Marketing and Communications to build brand-awareness, edit and produce articles for external and internal publication, and manage social media accounts and the company website.

What drew you to this position at Cognosante? I was drawn to this position as a Marketing Analyst at Cognosante because I wanted to explore whether marketing is a field I want to enter after college. I was looking for real-world experience in marketing and had an interest in healthcare IT, so I felt like Cognosante was a good company for me.

What are you most excited to learn this summer? I am most excited to explore the realm of marketing and communications this summer. I hope to challenge myself, build tangible skills, and hopefully gain a mentor along the way.