STEM Advocate

Robin Peshak

Application Migration and Infrastructure Engineering Team Lead

During her 40-year career, Robin Peshak has successfully led teams and organizations in senior leadership roles, while also inspiring the next generation to pursue innovation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. She is heavily involved in advancing STEM initiatives, with the goal of increasing the number of young women involved in school and community-based STEM activities in her area by 25 percent in 2019.

To accomplish this goal, Robin works closely with juniors and seniors in Bastrop, TX, high schools to raise STEM awareness, often showcasing the accomplishments of women in the technology, aerospace, and biomedical industries. She encourages students to take STEM-related courses, regardless of their chosen career path. Whether they want to be future technologists or stay-at-home parents, the coursework is beneficial.

Robin also serves on the board for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Bastrop County, which helps families and children (mostly young girls) who are victims of abuse. The STEM initiative is important here as well. The center has a housing facility populated with young women rescued from human trafficking. Low self-esteem and lack of formal education are common attributes for young women lured into forced labor. An education that introduces them to the STEM fields encourages these young women to reach beyond their circumstances. Robin and volunteer coaches in various subject matter areas work to make a difference in the lives of these women.

It is her dedication to STEM that led to Robin receiving a Modern-Day Technology award at the 32nd Annual Black Engineer of the Year STEM Conference in February 2018. This award recognizes individuals who contribute to technology development and scientific research efforts in support of public and private sectors. Shortly after receiving this award, Robin joined Cognosante. “Being a member of the Cognosante team enables me to support the future leaders in our industry and pay back all the support that I received throughout my career.”