Need for speed

Kyle Langland

Manager, Support Services

Kyle Langland, a manager of support services, races cars at various tracks throughout North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota each year during the summer months. He was introduced to dirt track race car driving in the summer of 2011 when a high school classmate brought a race car home. Once Kyle got into the driver’s seat and made his first laps around the track, he was hooked. “It is an absolute adrenaline rush, and hard to compare it to anything else out there,” stated Kyle.

Kyle was never a stranger to racing, though. He got his passion from his father, who raced for twenty years. Kyle’s race car dons the number 66, the same as his father, to preserve the family legacy. Kyle’s dad is now the crew chief for his three sons, Kyle, Alex, and Taran, who compete together as Langland Racing. They race throughout the summer, typically on weekends from May through September, with each night usually consisting of an eight-lap heat to determine the starting spots for the 20-lap main event.

You can follow Langland Racing on Facebook for their schedule, updates, and live video streaming of races.