Cognosante’s commitment to Veterans, military and their families means that we understand the value that your military experience can bring to our organization. To showcase that value, please review these interview tips designed to uncover and articulate the transferrable skills that make you a great fit for Cognosante. This resource was designed with Cognosante interviews in mind, but will aid in your preparation and keep the job interview process at any company from feeling overwhelming or overly complicated. It’s important to us to help members of the military transition to civilian careers. Use these tips to ensure you’re making a strong impression!

Anatomy of an Interview

Introduction. Like all people, interviewers form general impressions that can contribute to your success in the broader interview process. Your confidence and presentation skills will help make a strong first impression.
Cognosante Questions. Our questions help uncover how your skills, knowledge, training, and work experience fit the job and the company. Practice answering questions using the STAR method where you describe the Situation, Task, Action, and Result that you experienced.
Your Questions. Develop questions to help you determine if Cognosante and the position are a good fit for your professional goals, needs, values and skills. Expect to ask 2-3 questions so it’s helpful to prepare as many as 5.
Closing. Expect to end on a positive note! Re-state your interest in the role and share some areas where you see alignment between the role and your skills. Ensure you have accurate contact information and plan a timely follow-up email.

Veteran-specific Questions

Some interviewers are eager to hear about your time in the service and how you envision applying those skills to a role at Cognosante. Questions you may encounter include:


When you think back on your service, what are you most proud of?


Did you receive any awards or recognition? Tell me about those.


What are the top 5 skills you’d say best represent your experience gained by serving in the military?


Tell me about a challenging circumstance and how you overcame that difficulty.


In the military, you are paired with a diverse group of people and serve along-side them. How do you work with others who are different than you? How do you overcome communication/personality barriers?

Tips to Prepare for an Interview

Gather facts about the interview.Inquire about who you will interview with and research them on LinkedIn, if possible. Review the job description in detail and use it to develop questions you have for the interviewer during your time with this. If the interview is in-person, ensure you have all location and travel information at least 24 hours in advance and plan to arrive 15 minutes early.
Research Cognosante. Use the internet to learn all you can about us! Visit and our social media channels to get a better sense of our mission, our culture and our services. Review press releases to learn more about who we support and how we contribute to our broader community. This will prepare you to answer any questions related to what you know about the company.
Solidify your talking points. Think about your military career and how those skills transfer to the job description you are interviewing for. Prepare examples of when you applied those skills to solve problems, adapt to change, and achieve milestones that you are proud of! Being comfortable with these examples will bring much needed confidence to your interview experience.
Dress the part. Whether in person or virtual, be sure to dress appropriately for the company and culture in which you’re interviewing. Check social media for employee photos of any indication of formality and wear clothes that convey professionalism and confidence. When in doubt, traditional professional attire is always appropriate!
Prepare to be on screen. Virtual interviews are increasingly common. To make the best online impression, make sure to use a professional username, choose a clutter-free background scene, silence all nearby devices, and test all connections, cameras and speakers ahead of time.

Sponsored by ConVERG

Cognosante believes that strong, connected culture is built through communities in which trust and support drive achievement. Since 2020, Cognosante’s Veteran employee Resource Group, ConVERG, fosters a deep sense of community among Veterans, military and their families by promoting professional development and community outreach on topics like mentorship, recruiting, and events related to our Veteran and Military community.
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