Telehealth Solutions for the State of Georgia’s Telehealth Products and Services Contract

Cognosante delivers telehealth solutions to some of the largest health systems in the world, serving both Federal and state government healthcare agencies. We develop, implement, and support solutions that optimize care delivery and improve patient satisfaction through a wide range of patient experience touchpoints. As a healthcare technology innovator, we help advance public health missions through our integration experience, program management, and clinical and medical expertise.

How Georgia Agencies Benefit from Our Telehealth Solution Support Model

State agencies with healthcare initiatives face increasingly larger and more complex challenges than ever. Organizations often work with constrained resources but must deliver services to constituents who expect consumer-based customer experiences, including how they access healthcare.
Fortunately, we can help with these challenges. Cognosante’s flexible telehealth solution, powered by ViTel Net, can be configured by our telehealth experts to meet the needs of the patient, the provider, and the state agency for any virtual care program.
Cognosante and strategic teammate ViTel Net, a leading national telehealth solution provider, is a supplier on the statewide Telehealth Products and Services contract. The State selected Cognosante to deliver comprehensive virtual care technology for Georgia statewide with a suite of telehealth solutions powered by ViTel Net’s vCareCommand platform.
Georgia’s state institutions will be able to efficiently and effectively connect Georgians with care providers by using telehealth technologies and ready-to-launch applications that are easy and convenient for both patients and healthcare providers.

The turnkey telehealth solutions from the Cognosante team will help expand Georgia constituents’ access to quality healthcare, and are available to State and local government entities, including:

  • State offices, agencies, bureaus, departments
  • K-12 schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Community health centers
  • Correctional facilities

There’s nothing basic about our benefits


No hidden costs or fees: Simplified budgeting with easy to understand pricing
Solution as a Service (SaaS) platform: Leverage Cognosante’s expertise and scale in delivering large, mission-oriented healthcare programs and ViTel Net’s comprehensive vCommand Telehealth Platform to extend critical telehealth services to Georgia citizens
Turnkey Solution: Leverage preconfigured web applications for fast deployment with robust capability
Flexible Configurability: Increase adoption and efficiency with fully tailored configurations that seamlessly integrate with your unique program workflows and third party systems
Simple UX: Drive adoption with simple web-based user access from any device
Start Now, Expand Later: Launch your telehealth program today with the flexibility to grow into additional services at any time

Core Features

Secure Collaboration: Secure live, multi-party videoconferencing or asynchronous encounters with chat functionality for patients and care team collaboration
Routing and Alerting: Reduce no-shows and keep patients and providers engaged with on-time automated emails, SMS notifications, and alerts
Integrated Medical Imaging: Access medical imaging and leverage analysis tools from any virtual care encounter using our advanced HTML5 image viewer that supports a broad spectrum of image formats, including efficient cloud access to DICOM modality PACS integration, EKG, and other visible light color photographs (i.e., JPEG and PNG files)
Scheduling: Streamline management of equipment and patient and provider appointments across multiple clinics with multi-dimensional scheduling
Language Interpretation: Get human based, on-demand American Sign Language (ASL) support and spoken language interpretation with any video consultation
Reporting and Analytics: Drive informed decisions and proactively address operational deficiencies with comprehensive telehealth business intelligence that aggregates operational, clinical, and financial data across the organization

Ask how a telehealth solution is an ideal fit for:

K-12 school-based clinics

College and university-based clinics

Community health centers

Correctional facilities

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