Consumer engagement

Consumer engagement

More effective consumer engagement

Key focus areas of Cognosante solutions include consumer engagement with respect to marketplace health plan selection, proactivity in healthcare communications, mature issue management, and a deep understanding of consumer challenges in navigating the healthcare landscape.

eSante EnGage360¬ģ

Cognosante‚Äôs eSante EnGage360¬ģ¬†is a consumer-focused solution that tailors traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to support health systems and healthcare consumers. Healthcare case management requires a nuanced understanding of the health landscape. From minor enhancements, such as screen layout and nomenclature, to the implementation of advanced case support workflows, our tailored solution is a Healthcare Case Management system specifically designed to support advanced case handling, improve case handle times, and increase consumer satisfaction.

Built on the award-winning Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, eSante EnGage360¬ģ interfaces with interactive voice response (IVR), complex workflow, and reporting and business analytics to provide a comprehensive and cost-efficient solution. eSante EnGage360¬ģ stands apart from other solutions because its flexible, modular, and scalable platform allows for ‚Äúmix and match‚ÄĚ customization to meet the specific needs of a program, budget, or population. The Unified Service Desk feature also integrates with multiple legacy systems to speed onboarding and training of customer service staff, decrease call times, and create one single ‚Äúsource of truth‚ÄĚ for consumer and plan information.

Key features:

  • The intuitive user interface integrates healthcare language and data visualizations of key consumer events with Service Desk screens for more meaningful customer interactions.
  • Contextually aware and customizable workflow business process management tools make it easy to manage tasks, milestones, and deadlines. This helps streamline and manage consumer interactions, such as status inquiries, eligibility appeals, change of circumstance, callbacks, and more. Customizations and configurations specific to customer workflow needs are provided as part of our Business Services, delivered by our Consumer Engagement subject matter experts.
  • Advanced knowledge management tools make it easy to update and disseminate training materials, such as instructions, guidelines, scripts, and FAQs. Intelligent integration between knowledge base and Service Desk screens allow case analysts to access relevant information at the appropriate point in the consumer interaction.
  • Workforce management capabilities include scheduling and forecasting tools that allow programs to accurately track resources, report on activities, and manage staff workload and productivity.
  • The solution provides a holistic view of the consumer lifecycle. Related data can be accessed and viewed from the Service Desk screen, leading to more informed and intelligent consumer interactions, as well as quicker case resolutions.

eSante EnGage360‚ĄĘ

eSante EnGage360¬ģ

Built on the award-winning Microsoft Dynamics CRM, eSante EnGage360¬ģ interfaces with interactive voice response (IVR), complex workflow, reporting and business analytics to provide a comprehensive and cost-efficient solution for state Medicaid agencies.

Enrollment Broker

Medicaid’s shift from fee-for-service to managed care models creates new burdens for states as they administer member enrollment, education, and services. It is especially critical to connect special populations and other consumer groups with access to the right care.

Cognosante’s next-generation enrollment broker and customer support solutions are driven by our core belief that a positive member experience has a direct impact on quality and outcomes. Cognosante goes beyond basic enrollment broker functions to bring a holistic, consumer-centric approach to Medicaid managed care, enabling proactive, year-round consumer engagement.

We use multichannel communication to elegantly deliver¬†a modern, seamless member experience‚ÄĒwith appropriate and accessible education, intelligent enrollment capabilities, and a single point of contact for ongoing support and service.

Enrollment Broker capabilities include:

  • Medicaid and Marketplace consumer contact centers
  • In-person assistance and business process outsourcing experience to help states reach, educate, and enroll members, including special populations
  • Medicaid eligibility subject matter expertise
  • Accessible, self-service options to help engage members with their healthcare choices
  • eSante EnGage360¬ģ, a multichannel contact solution designed specifically for state and Federal healthcare agencies

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