Program Spotlight: Comcast NCCS Speech Analytics

We met with Paul Silsby, Senior Client Strategies Manager to see how J.Lodge leverages speech analytics to automate call quality assurance and reduce audit times in support of our client, Comcast. See why Dave Tarone, Comcast Executive Director, Telesales said ‚ÄúJ. Lodge has been a valued quality partner for many years. Every time we challenge them to think outside the box they go over and beyond and deliver quality results.¬†They take the time to understand our needs and work closely with both our Internal Call Centers and Business Partners to drive positive change. Since partnering with J. Lodge, both our sales conversions and compliance metrics have improved.‚Ä̬†¬†

1. How would you describe/summarize the Comcast NCCS Speech Analytics Program?

Our Speech Analytics platform ingests 100% of all sales interactions and then runs the data against Comcast-identified categories to measure sales effectiveness (i.e. Proper Discovery, Product Mentions, Effective Rebuttals). The categories we’ve developed are centered around compliance and call flow, automating quality monitoring efforts and reducing our average audit time by 4 minutes. The data helps us build predictive models which help us identify and analyze trends in within program and provide actionable insights and solutions

2. What are some unique facts about the Comcast NCCS Speech Analytics Program every employee should know?

We provide close to real-time analyses that helps Comcast make better informed decisions, ultimately increasing their revenue. As a strategic partner, we provide Comcast with an added layer of support through our data science and business intelligence capabilities. By developing queries and a tagging mechanism, this has enabled us to identify issues faster, reducing the manual listen time. Our insight and recommendations help Comcast change or correct agent behavior.

3.How have we provided value to Comcast with this project?

As a result of our work, we have seen the following take place:
Quality Automation reduced the average audit time by an average of 4 minutes
Reduced call search time to 1 minute compared to 2-3 minutes historically
Quality disputes were reduced with automated components by 65%

4. What are you looking forward to most because of this project?

Our next big adventure with Comcast NCCS is to identify Quality of Connects, a 90-day view of the customer’s experience post initial sale. The goal is to identify any factors that could create a negative onboarding experience or detract from their overall customer experience within that 90-day window.



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