Journey to the Cloud: HealtHIE Nevada

Case Story


Program Overview

HealtHIE Nevada enables statewide health information exchange, which provides patients and providers with better care coordination, improved patient safety, and lower costs.

More about HealtHIE Nevada: HealtHIE Nevada is a private, nonprofit, community-based Health Information Exchange (HIE) dedicated to connecting health care organizations by managing real-time, secure, and accurate exchange of clinical information. The HIE operates throughout the entire state, and it is the only open HIE available to the entire Nevada health care community. HealtHIE Nevada provides electronic connection among physicians, hospitals, labs, and other health care organizations, exchanging patient encounters, medication information, medical images, test results and care summaries to support improved care regardless of care setting.

Customer Challenge

Consolidating in a Cloud Environment

HealtHIE Nevada was established in 2011 with a mix of co-located and cloud environments. In 2019, the organization elected to move all HIE functionality to a new cloud environment to reduce operating costs, improve scalability, improve security and disaster recovery, and provide services to the statewide healthcare community in a more dynamic and agile fashion.

Partner Solution

HealtHIE Nevada made the initial investment in AWS for the long-term storage of clinical data hosted by the previous vendor. Because AWS eases the process of converting and migrating across AWS cloud environments and provides a consistent and unified platform across its global infrastructure, Cognosante selected AWS commercial cloud for the new solution. The services, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and tools are standardized, making it easier to deploy and manage resources without significant changes to existing configurations.

Cognosante led a cross-functional team that was able to easily establish new development, test, and production environments in the AWS Cloud. After testing, the team moved millions of legacy records to the new cloud environment using AWS Lambda to support Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) processes. The implementation was successfully completed, without any loss of data during the migration.

Results and Benefits

Improved Capabilities with Greater Value to Users

Moving from a legacy solution to the AWS Commercial Cloud provided immediate benefits to HealtHIE Nevada including:
  • Improved scalability: The scalability offered through AWS enables HealtHIE Nevada to handle varying workloads, adapting to evolving business needs.
  • Improved customer experience: The AWS environment has helped HealtHIE Nevada deploy new features and capabilities to their clients, accelerating delivery by an order of magnitude.
  • Improved disaster recovery: AWS’ highly reliable, available infrastructure enabled HealtHIE Nevada to increase system availability and leverage redundancy and failover capabilities that far exceeded legacy servers.
  • Robust security: The security features offered by AWS Commercial Cloud provide the data and system security necessary for Protected Health Information and Personally Identifiable Information.
  • Cost reduction: The AWS cost structure eliminated the need to over-provision hardware, yielding immediate cost savings through reduced capital infrastructure expenditures.
With AWS, HealtHIE Nevada has become a more nimble HIE, able to pivot quickly to client requests, offering improved capabilities, and freeing up IT resources to create new value for the healthcare community statewide.

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