Improving Citizens’ Customer Experience with a Unique Employment Model

Systemic inequities in education, housing, income, and employment have a direct impact on people’s health outcomes. We’re committed to removing these barriers so individuals can live healthy lives unrestricted by such fundamental challenges, and achieve physical health bolstered by financial wellness, housing stability, and employment security. 

One of the ways we advance health equity is through the work of our wholly-owned subsidiary, J.Lodge. The J.Lodge team plays a vital role in improving the quality of individuals’ interactions with government programs while simultaneously increasing access to meaningful employment for professionals with disabilities. 

Personal Experience Creates a Customer-Focused Mindset 

Core to its mission, J.Lodge employs highly educated, skilled workers who are often overlooked in the workplace—Veterans and Americans with disabilities. As employees, they bring deep expertise in customer experience (CX) optimization and quality assurance as well as data-driven speech analytics. With their expertise, team members deliver actionable data insights to customers, based on phone- and chat-based interactions with citizens, that help improve the total customer experience. 

This combination of professional expertise and personal experience gives our J.Lodge employees a unique perspective and skillset. “Our team members bring deep experience and empathy that are crucial to making a difference for our customers. That difference means team members are driven to ensure each interaction is the best it can be,” says Amanda Rhine, Vice President of Client Strategies at J.Lodge. “As both quality assurance professionals and individuals with disabilities, our employees are aware of how services should function, and never hesitate to give feedback when they fall short.” 

Expertise and Mission-Alignment Lead to Better Interactions

Team members apply their customer-focused mindset to both public and private sector programs, but their personal experience is particularly evident in their support for government programs that improve access to services, such as the Social Security Administration (SSA) Ticket to Work program. 

“Our team members bring deep experience and empathy that are crucial to making a difference for our customers. That difference means team members are driven to ensure each interaction is the best it can be.”

The Ticket to Work program provides individuals who receive SSA disability benefits with a “Ticket” they may use to obtain employment-related services from the Employment Network of their choice. Employees apply their customer experience skills to help individuals find meaningful employment, a true alignment between their own mission and that of the program. 

J.Lodge also provides quality assurance and surge staffing to critical programs that increase access to healthcare, such as: 

  • The CMS Enrollment Resolution and Reconciliation program, which helps individuals resolve enrollment problems with Affordable Care Act plans; 
  • The CMS No Surprises Help Desk, which helps consumers and providers route and process disputes with surprise medical bills; and 
  • The CMS Marketplace Service Desk, which provides assistance to CMS contractors, insurance issuers, Health Insurance Marketplaces, state agencies, and other healthcare stakeholders related to the Affordable Care Act. 

In all cases, the team uses their unique expertise to ensure that when individuals contact a government agency with life-impacting questions about benefits or problems they’re experiencing, they can do so with the confidence that their inquiry will be resolved quickly, accurately, and compassionately. 

A Forward-Thinking Employee Model Promotes Retention 

J.Lodge employees are moving the needle on public services in another way too – by showcasing best practices in remote contact center work. Since its inception, the organization recognized that employees with disabilities could perform well in a work-from-home model, with flexible schedules and assistive technology. 

“With years of experience in managing a remote staff and keeping employees engaged, J.Lodge was ahead of its time in many ways,” says Anita Griner, General Manager of Cognosante’s CognoConnected Business Unit. “As the COVID-19 pandemic changed workplace paradigms, we already had a proven, working model in place that could be applied across contact center programs to retain valued employees and help them thrive.” 

Learn more about how Cognosante is helping clients improve their customer experience operations with actionable quality assurance insights from J.Lodge. 



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