Cognosante & Consensus Cloud Solutions Go Live with ECFax in 5 Cities with the Launch of the First Enterprise Cloud Fax Service for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Cognosante and Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CCSI), the exclusive partnership for federal Enterprise Cloud Fax (ECFax) services, today announced the successful implementation of the government cloud faxing solution at VA facilities across five Initial Operating Capability (IOC) sites across the country. The sites, which were activated over a three-month period, include more than 40 separate facilities and represent all five examples of VA workplaces throughout the U.S., including inpatient- and outpatient-care, pharmacies, cemeteries and administration.

Digital faxes are now being delivered across multiple delivery and integration points within these sites, including multifunctional devices and shared folders, yielding operational efficiencies and reducing the need for standalone hardware in each location.

A critical business technology, ECFax was customized to meet stringent government technical and security requirements while providing a truly universal and robust solution to support Veterans, as well as VA care providers and staff. This service will be available in more than 2,000 VA facilities across the United States.

Cognosante, the prime contractor and program lead, will continue to implement ECFax digital fax services, which includes installation, onboarding, reporting and training, throughout all VA settings. ECFax is the first cloud-based digital faxing solution approved for use by VA and enables the transformation, enhancement and secure exchange of digital information.

Working with Consensus on the ECFax program is a natural extension of our promise to VA to help improve Veteran care by streamlining administrative processes.

“For years we have supported VA’s commitment to modernizing its services with cloud-based technologies,” says Erick Peters, Cognosante’s Chief Technology Officer. “Working with Consensus on the ECFax program is a natural extension of our promise to VA to help improve Veteran care by streamlining administrative processes.”

The technological advancement of VA’s cloud faxing system will accelerate the department’s ability to deliver a variety of services to the country’s 16.5 million Veterans, while enabling interoperability and secure data exchange between all VA facilities throughout the nation.

“We are proud to successfully complete this first major milestone with Cognosante and VA as we continue to deliver on our objective of supporting government agencies across the U.S. by providing best-in-class cloud fax technologies to improve document exchange processes,” stated Scott Turicchi, Consensus Cloud Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer.

Developed specifically for state and federal government use, ECFax streamlines workflow processes, while reducing administrative burden and eliminating the need for outdated, paper-based faxing. Additional benefits include:

  • Standardization across multiple locations
  • Application Programming Interface (API) integration with various connected and disparate IT systems
  • Visibility and transparency regarding usage and system status
  • In process, FedRAMP high-impact authorization for optimal security

Hosted on Amazon Web Services’ GovCloud, ECFax provides on-demand, automatic scalability to hundreds of millions of pages per month. Visit the online FedRAMP Marketplace to learn more about ECFax for Government.

About Cognosante
Cognosante is a mission-driven technology company delivering innovative and transformative solutions that improve the health and safety of Americans. With more than a decade of experience working with federal and state government agencies, we aim to expand access to care, improve care delivery, deliver solutions addressing social determinants of health, and ensure safety and security through multi-faceted technology and customer experience (CX) solutions. Our broad range of capabilities includes enterprise IT and cloud, data science, telehealth, interoperability, public health surveillance, clinical performance, eligibility and enrollment, and consumer engagement.

About Consensus Cloud Solutions
Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CCSI) is one of the world’s largest digital fax providers and a trusted global source for the transformation, enhancement and secure exchange of digital information. We leverage our 25-year history of success by providing advanced data transformation solutions for regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, legal, insurance, real estate and manufacturing, as well as technology for the state and federal government. Our solutions consist of cloud faxing; digital signature; interoperability; intelligent data extraction using natural language processing and artificial intelligence; robotic process automation; and workflow enhancement. We also offer a powerful connectivity and integration platform for healthcare providers. Our solutions can be combined with managed services for optimal outcomes.



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