Cognosante’s James Gordon on Tech, GovCon and the Future of Healthcare

Cognosante President, James Gordon, sat down with Ross Wilkers from Washington Technology to talk all things technology, government contracting, and the future of healthcare modernization. In particular, the conversation focused on how Cognosante is positioned to offer valuable solutions to government agencies and programs that are focused on modernization as the health market starts to stabilize. Read the full article with Washington Technology online access here. Highlights of the interview are detailed below.

ACA Stability Enables Modernization and Optimization

For the moment, Affordable Care Act programs remain stable. This allows agencies and programs to focus on key enterprise modernization initiatives, which in turn creates an opportunity for companies that excel in driving optimization in government programs. Cognosante is currently focused on the following areas:

    • Cloud migration and infrastructure management
    • Digital Transformation
    • Agile development

Smaller Procurements to Reduce Risk and Drive Innovation

Agencies and programs are realizing the value of human-centered design (also known as design thinking)¬† in solution development. They are deliberately partnering with companies to take an incremental, thoughtful approach to solution development as a means to reduce risk and increase innovation. Gordon sees this ‚Äústart small‚ÄĚ approach as a positive shift that puts government customers in a place to raise the bar for quality of service and rewards companies with faster procurement cycles and clear performance metrics for success.

Cloud Migration Helps Control Cost while Increasing Capacity

Cognosante has first-hand experience with the benefits of this emerging approach to modernization and procurement. Two cloud migration contracts that Cognosante holds with large Federal agencies are examples of quicker-cycled procurements that are modernizing large environments through incremental project scopes. For both agencies, Cognosante is supporting the delivery of services to sustain a multi-cloud provider environment while reducing costs and maintaining or expanding capacity.

M&A Creates New Paths for Success at Cognosante

Gordon spoke at length about how recent Cognosante mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions (MD&A) activity has better positioned them for growth in the technology solutions arena. With acquisitions like J.Lodge and The BITS Group, Cognosante added critical contact center capabilities as well as a spot on the VA’s T4NG vehicle respectively. Additionally, he discussed how selling Cognosante’s consulting division (the group responsible for PMO, IV&V and MMIS services) cleared the way to refine Cognosante’s focus on technology solutions and gave way to its new Cognosante State Solutions group focused on bringing Cognosante’s success in the Federal space to state customers.

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