Cognosante Introduces 
CognoConnected – A Dedicated Customer Experience Business Sector

Cognosante’s Founder and CEO Michele Kang today announced the launch of CognoConnected – the company’s dedicated customer experience (CX) business sector. Cognosante has a long-standing legacy of providing innovative CX solutions across some of the most vital federal, state, and commercial programs, supporting the health and safety of Americans. The dedicated business sector focuses the company’s commitment on ensuring customers achieve successful CX mission outcomes.

CognoConnected transforms the way people connect, engage, and interact with vital services and programs by delivering solutions in four key areas: access to information, customer engagement, CX optimization, and automation and analytics.

“Our goal is to support our customers’ missions by creating customer experiences that put people first,” said Kang. “As people’s CX expectations are increasingly influenced by experiences in the consumer market, providing exceptional customer service for public programs requires a sustained focus on people, processes, and innovation.”

CognoConnected President James Gordon added, “I’m excited to lead our CognoConnected business sector to market. We are reimagining the customer experience by delivering tailored, technology-forward solutions with a mission focus and a people-first culture at the center of everything we do.”

With CognoConnected, Cognosante is helping agencies transform their CX ecosystems and connect with the people they serve. As a people-centric organization and two-time certified Great Place to Work™, the company is focused on recruiting and retaining top talent in the CX market, including customer service representatives, case managers, and quality analysts by investing in training and development, and creating an environment in which customer experience employees can thrive and build a rewarding career.

About Cognosante 
Cognosante is a mission-driven technology company delivering innovative and transformative solutions to Federal, state, and local governments. We are dedicated to supporting the health, safety, and well-being of Americans who serve the nation and those who need it most. The company has more than a decade of experience working with states and the Federal government to improve access to care and address social determinants of health by developing, managing, and executing large multi-faceted technology and customer experience (CX) solutions. Its expertise includes Medicaid, Medicare, military and Veterans’ health, the health insurance marketplace, data standards and analytics, cybersecurity, biometrics, and modular systems development and integration. 



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