Meet the Analysts: Thomas O’Neal

Thomas O’Neal is a senior dual computer science and economics major from Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently a student at the University of Virginia with a planned graduation date of Spring 2020.

He believes that healthcare is a very complex issue, and being able to contribute to possible solutions is a really great opportunity, which is why he chose to spend his summer at Cognosante. While working here, O’Neal is assisting in the technology department. So far, he has been doing work to improve how output data is being used so that developers and project managers can more easily understand what is or is not working. This summer, he is hoping to learn about many different technologies and work on projects to enhance his programming skills as well as learn new ones.

Outside of work, O’Neal enjoys running and playing basketball. He is a huge Atlanta sports fan, so he tries to catch as many games as possible.

What’s something that not a lot of people know about you?

“Not a lot of people know the problems I’ve had because of the apostrophe in my last name. I missed a flight because of it one time because my passport and ticket didn’t match up due to one not having an apostrophe. It sucked. Also my parents own a toy store.”



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