Meet the Analysts: Matthew Cusick

Matthew Cusick is a senior Data Science major from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He is completing his bachelor’s at The College of William and Mary with a planned graduation date of May 2020.

Cusick chose to spend his summer as one of Cognosante’s Analysts because he wanted to experience as many fields of data science as he could in preparation for his career, and he felt that the company was a great opportunity for that. While here, he is working in the Data Science department. So far, he has been assisting in analyzing call center calls to help find trends and improve the customer support system ‚Äď a critical contribution to Cognosante‚Äôs BPO solution offering. This summer, he hopes to learn what it means to be a data scientist in a professional environment instead of just academic.

Outside of work, Cusick is an avid fencer, and is the captain of the fencing team at his school. Some of his other hobbies include rock climbing and studying German.

What’s something that not a lot of people know about you?

“Two years ago, I spent an entire summer in Dublin and other parts of Ireland. I even spent a few nights camping in the mountains, so that was a pretty memorable experience.”



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