Meet the Analysts: Benjamin Martindale

An Arlington, Virginia native, Benjamin Martindale is an information systems and operations management student studying at George Mason University.

He chose to spend his summer as one of Cognosante’s business analysts because he wanted to gain some real-life experience in the IT industry, and he admired how Cognosante uses IT to help the healthcare industry. He is currently assisting in the quality management office, which is housed in the performance center. He is working on making programs more user friendly in order to make it easier for people to make sure their projects are up to quality. This summer, his focus is to gain more experience with IT as well as hone his skills in the various programs that IT companies use.

When he’s not working one of his two jobs or taking classes, he enjoys playing sports, going to the gym, and hanging out with friends.

What’s something that not a lot of people know about you?

“Not a lot of people know that I do a lot of weightlifting.”



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