Meet the Analysts: Alex Cooney

Tell us about yourself, Alex, and why you decided to pursue an internship with Cognosante?

Born and raised in Sacramento California, I applied to the Cognosante internship program as a Senior at Columbia University. My major is Political Science and I’m graduating April 2021. Outside of work, I enjoy painting, studying Portuguese, and running.

I sought out an internship at Cognosante due to a combination of things that matter to me: my family’s military service and Cognosante’s mission to deliver and improve the technological and logistical care to Veteran Affairs hospitals, in support of the Veteran community.

During my internship in 2020, I spent the Summer working as a Business Analyst Intern for the Military and Veterans Health (MVH) Growth Team. Though a virtual experience during a difficult time for this country due to the pandemic, that didn’t take away from the internship. In fact, I think it helped me focus more on meaningful activities, like directly supporting the business.

I was involved in all aspects of the business development and capture process for many of the Department of Veterans Affairs FY20 contract opportunities. Some of the things I contributed to was identifying and qualifying contract opportunities, teaming discussions, business pipeline development, and contract gate reviews.

What’s next for you after your internship, and how did your experience as a Summer Analyst prepare you for your career?

From the high-level business experience I received at Cognosante, I’ve transitioned to a full-time opportunity as a business analyst for Restaurant Brands International as a part of their Business Analyst Leadership Program.

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